Yardi to join the UK SFA to support the SFR sector

Global real estate software provider - Yardi® - is partnering with the UK Single Family Association (UK SFA).

Yardi to join the UK SFA to support the SFR sector | BTR News

Innovative asset, property and investment cloud software provider – Yardi® – is set to join the membership organisation for the SFR sector across the UK.

“The role of the UK SFA is to support all stakeholders to build more homes to rent. In turn, this will result in the delivery of more homes, of all tenures, for more people right across the UK.

“We’re delighted to have Yardi Systems, a global leader in residential real estate software, join the UK SFA. We know this partnership will help us achieve our goals and be at the forefront of technological innovation.”

Richard Berridge, CEO, UK SFA

Growing rapidly across the UK, over £1bn was invested in the single-family housing sector within the first nine months of 2023. The membership organisation has been formed to recognise the distinct benefits and challenges that investing and operating in SFR brings.

“Joining the UK SFA is an important initiative for us to further support the sector in the UK. We work with a number of SFR operators today, including Placefirst and Leaf Living.

“The overall demand for housing in the UK remains very high and SFR is growing quickly throughout the country. We look forward to working with the UK SFA as we believe the SFR sector will provide an important source of housing for the market.”

Justin Harley, regional director for Yardi.