Yardi partners with Homeppl’s Resident Screening Platform

The partnership will ensure that the fraud prevention and financial qualification technology will enhance Yardi's online leasing process in RentCafe®.

Yardi has partnered with Homeppl to utilise its fraud prevention technology platform | Yardi | Homeppl | BTR News
Yardi has partnered with Homeppl to utilise its fraud prevention technology platform.

Yardi announces a partnership with uk-based resident screening platform Homeppl. This new API will allow clients to screen prospects more effectively through the online leasing process in RentCafe®.

“We’re excited to offer this new functionality to our customers to further enhance the leasing process. This API will help automate the screening process and assess the financial risk of any applicant.”

Neal Gemassmer, Vice President & General Manager of International, Yardi

Homeppl’s fraud risk assessment technology is unique to the UK market and forensically examines every piece of information contained or hidden in everyday documents, such as bank statements, passports and bills. The platform puts each applicant through a series of 150+ validation and data enrichment checks to uncover any falsification of documents.

“Our technology builds a comprehensive risk profile of any applicant using our fraud prevention and financial assessment technology. We’re excited to partner with Yardi to help their clients screen prospective residents more effectively and improve the leasing experience.”

Alexander Siedes, CEO & Founder, Homeppl

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