Why are symmetrical speeds important in Build to Rent? 

In an online-centric world, a fast, reliable, and stable Internet connection is essential. ASK4 reflect on this significance in Build to Rent.

ASK4 recognise the importance of strong connectivity for Build to Rent residents today | BTR News

Fast and reliable Internet has been an expectation for a long time now, but one aspect of connectivity is often overlooked by owners and operators, and that is the value and importance of symmetrical speeds.

The Build to Rent sector is not only transforming the way people approach real estate investments, but also the way that residents think about the way they live and work. The trend towards professionally managed, purpose-built rental communities is changing perceptions of rented accommodation, while also raising the expectations of the levels of quality and service. Symmetrical speeds have a role to play in enhancing Build to Rent living experiences when taking connectivity into account, as the feature is a key enabler of integrated living and working.

Understanding symmetrical speeds 

Before we look at the significance of symmetrical speeds in the Build to Rent market, let’s clarify what symmetrical speeds are. In the context of Internet connectivity, symmetrical speeds refer to upload and download speeds that are equal (or nearly equal). For instance, if you have a 100Mb/s symmetrical connection, your upload and download speeds would both be around 100Mb/s. This contrasts with asymmetrical speeds, where upload speeds are typically slower than download speeds and is an option most typically offered by traditional ISPs. 

Most ISPs will advertise their download speeds as a headline, but with upload speeds becoming increasingly important to residents, symmetrical speeds are already a selling point for Build to Rent developments a competitive marketplace. 

Why symmetrical speeds are important in Build to Rent

Strong connectivity has become a necessity in the way we live and work | BTR News

Supporting remote work and learning 

The rise of remote work and online learning has of course solidified high-speed Internet as a top priority for many individuals and families, and symmetrical speeds has a key role in facilitating this. For many professionals, a fast upload speed is vital to enabling remote work. Any role that involves sending large files or gigabytes of data, such as videos, graphics or multiple file transfers will need access to quick uploads. Without this, working from home becomes frustrating and unviable.

Enhancing smart home experiences

Smart home technology is becoming increasingly prevalent, allowing residents to control various aspects of their living environment, such as lighting, heating, security, smart-enabled white goods and entertainment, through connected devices. Symmetrical speeds ensure that these devices operate seamlessly, enhancing the living experience for residents.

Supporting multiple devices

In a typical household, there will be multiple devices connected to the Internet simultaneously, each requiring differing and fluctuating connection requirements, sometimes out of the users’ control (when conducting large updates for instance).

No matter if the resident is streaming music to their smart speaker at the same time as uploading large files to their shared work folder on their laptop, while their children play games online or watch a movie on Netflix in the other room, a robust service with symmetrical speeds can accommodate the demands of multiple devices without a drop in performance. 

ASK4’s ‘home-grown’ 4Network technology enables us to deliver a fast, reliable wireless service for a whole building and its outside spaces, plus private and secure personal wireless networks for individual residents.

Building a reputation for quality

Build to Rent communities that prioritise high-speed symmetrical Internet gain a reputation for quality and modernity, for the reasons outlined above. This can lead to positive reviews with residents becoming advocates and giving word-of-mouth recommendations. This will ultimately lead to increased demand for rental units.

A tailored community

In the Build to Rent sector where competition is fierce and resident satisfaction and retention is paramount, symmetrical speeds should be a consideration when selecting a connectivity partner. Providing residents with fast and reliable Internet connectivity from that is tailored to their current needs will not only support a whole host of elements residents’ living experiences, but it can also set a Build to Rent community apart by delivering a seamless living and working environment that residents can thrive in. 

If you would like to know more about symmetrical speeds and managed Internet in Build to Rent, please get in touch, or book a meeting with a member of ASK4’s BTR client team.  

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