WEBINAR: The value of good design

Inspired by an exclusive report on why design matters in BTR, industry experts discuss the data in this recent webinar - The value of good design.

The value of good design - AGC | BTR News

Inspired by an exclusive AGC Dataloft Report on why design matters in the Build to Rent sector, industry experts took part in a webinar to discuss the data behind the latest report.

With a 16% rise in a global price premium for luxury branded homes, the webinar uncovers the heightened demand from renters for this new way of living – well designed and high quality homes that Build to Rent offers.

Hosted by Sophie Wilson, Interior Designer at AGC, the panel included Rory Cramer, Co-founder of HomeViews, Sandra Jones, Managing Director of Dataloft, Alastair Mullens, Managing Director of Vertus and Chris Harman, Founder of Parent Agency.

The panel discuss current hot topics – including the value of a good brand and the importance of sustainability in design. They also highlight the challenges and trends within design, look at tenants’ expectations and post-Covid life, discuss pet-friendly apartments and more.

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