Webinar: Coming back stronger post Covid-19

A panel of Build to Rent experts will address how the industry will emerge post Covid-19 and what can be done to put it in a position of strength.

Living area - | Love to Rent | BTR News
Living area. Image credit: Folio London

We’re faced with unprecedented times as the coronavirus continues to disrupt our everyday lives. Build to Rent operators have risen to the challenges, supporting their residents and staff to ensure their wellbeing and safety. 

But what will our lives look like once the Government’s restrictions have eased? What impact would Covid-19 have had on the property sector as a whole?

A UKAA webinar hosted by Peter Sloane, Chair of Love to Rent with a panel of Build to Rent industry experts will address these issues. They will examine how society might change after lockdown, how the Build to Rent market might emerge, and what the industry can do to put itself in a position of strength post Covid-19. 

The webinar will be streamed online on 29 April at 10am for all UKAA members. 

The expert panel includes Sarah Quinn, Director of Operations at Moda, Lizzie Stevens, Director of Market Rent at Folio, Sophie Trotman, Marketing Manager at Folio and Will Waller, Director of Build to Rent at Arcadis.

The panel will also discuss how interaction, support and community engagement throughout lockdown has created enormous brand loyalty and further raised the positive benefits of quality rented homes, as well as what lasting impact the crisis might have for Build to Rent products and the supply chain.

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