WATCH: How we operate with sustainable practices and quality assurance

How AGC BTR operate sustainable practices and quality assurance, with designers committed to choosing the most reputable manufacturers.

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What quality assurance means to AGC BTR

Within our AGC BTR offering, quality assurance is critical. Our designers are committed to choosing the most reputable manufacturers, sampling the products in person and signing off all large and bespoke-made orders with 100% confidence in the product and supplier.

The craftspeople bringing our furniture to life have over 100 years of combined experience behind them, meaning we select the most skilled master upholsterers to create furniture for every one of our projects. Our trust in the companies we collaborate with is why we’re proud to offer a guarantee on your furnishings.

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Visiting our manufacturers 

“We pride ourselves on having good working relationships with our suppliers which is crucial to us to deliver stand out schemes.” 

Sophie Wilson – Interior Designer, Accouter Group of Companies

In a world of not travelling very far amid the pandemic, we look back to one of our trips in late 2020, to visit one of our suppliers in the beautiful English countryside.

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“Visiting our manufacturers and factories is an integral part of our process. Navigating our way through a pandemic and installing 160-apartments and communal area at the same time wasn’t an easy feat, and it meant we had to have good relationships with our suppliers in these difficult times. When we weren’t able to visit the factories, we made sure we still had face-to-face time on video calls.”

Charlotte Robertson – AssociateAccouter Group of Companies

Here at AGC BTR, we love visiting our manufacturers and seeing the products being made. 

We take the time to follow the journey of a product being handcrafted by our talented UK and European suppliers from concept to completion. It all starts from an idea, or a tiny swatch of fabric to that rewarding final moment of seeing the finished piece installed.

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Sustainable practices in a consumer industry

Being a consumer of paper products, we make every endeavour to use the products responsibly. We encourage the use of products from a source effectively managed and controlled together with recycled products. 

As we continue to delve into our sustainability journey, we’re proud to announce that any bleaching of packaging paper is carried out using Elemental Chlorine Free (ECF) methods. No raw materials containing lead, mercury, cadmium and hexavalent chromium can be used in the total quantities exceeding 100pp, as provided by the regulations in force, particularly the European Directive no 94/62 EC. We endeavour to work with recognised waste and resource contractors recommended by our supplier’s chain roster.

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