Vita launches second round of consultation for Goods Station

Vita Group launches its second round of consultation for Goods Station in Birmingham that seeks to combine a new community and a destination.

Sketch of Goods Station. Vita Group has launched its second round of consultation for the masterplan | BTR News
Sketch of Goods Station. Vita Group has launched its second round of consultation for the masterplan.

Urban regeneration specialist – Vita Group – launches the second round of consultation on its Birmingham masterplan, Goods Station, as it seeks to create a residential-led mixed-use urban neighbourhood. 

The vision for Goods Station builds on Birmingham’s rich industrial history while embracing the spirit of innovation and connectedness. The scheme will combine a new community and a destination – a dynamic hub where people can live, work, socialise and thrive. 

The site is a gateway between two key pedestrian routes, so Goods Station provides an opportunity to support connectivity and access to the city centre. 

Proposals for the Goods Station residential-led mixed use development includes new homes, amenities, commercial spaces and an extensive new public realm.

It includes a green oasis – which reflects the sustainability, nature and livability of the vision. At the heart of the development will be a public square that will provide dedicated space for programmed events, gatherings, public art and an open-air cinema.

“Our first round of public consultation for Goods Station was met with real excitement from across the city, now as we get closer to defining our plans, we’d like to hear your thoughts about our emerging proposal for the masterplan. 

“The aim is to create a vibrant and inclusive neighbourhood. A site which forges better connections with the city, creates a destination for everyone to enjoy with new routes as well as a welcoming public square, and importantly, places for people to live, stay and socialise.” 

Jon Weston, Development Director, Vita Group

The 4.15-acre Goods Station site is bounded by Holliday Street, Suffolk Street Queensway, The Mailbox shopping centre and Centenary Plaza to the west. It was once filled with bustling streets of workshops and small manufacturers who were coined locally as the ‘little gaffers’.

The site was then replaced – at the height of the industrial revolution – by the Central Goods Station and became ‘the workshop of the world’. Most recently, it was home to the former Axis Building which has since been demolished. The site has been vacant since then.

Earlier last year, Vita Group purchased the site from LCR and revealed its initial concept for the scheme. The first stage of consultation was then launched in July – with the initial concepts well received. Since then, the team has been working hard on its plans to turn Goods Station into a vibrant landmark destination for the city.  

The second round of consultation for Goods Station will take place on 11 April between 12pm –to2.30pm and 5pm to 7pm at Spaces, Mailbox (Level 1) Royal Mail Street, B1 1RS. It will provide people with the opportunity to see and learn more about the vision for Goods Station. 

The Goods Station website has also been updated with additional information and imagery in relation to the consultation. On the day, a detailed presentation will be available to download for those unable to attend the in-person events.

The consultation will run from 4 April to 25 April 2024 and offers people the opportunity to share their thoughts on the emerging proposals via a feedback form on the website.