UKSFA appoints Chair for its EDI Committee

The UK Single-Family Association (UKSFA) announces a Chair for its Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Committee.

Zainab Khatoon has joined the UKSFA as its new Chair of the EDI Committee | BTR News
Zainab Khatoon has joined the UKSFA as its new Chair of the EDI Committee.

The UKSFA has announced the appointment of Zainab Khatoon of Realty Law as Chair of its EDI Committee. Zainab has worked in the residential property sector for over 15 years, starting out as an Account Manager when she first came to work in the property sector.

Zainab now heads Business Development at Realty Law. As a qualified solicitor of eight years, she works closely with the company’s operations team and plays a significant role in building and strengthening client relationships with a commercially focused pragmatic approach.

“As an ambassador of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, I am excited to work with the UKSFA to understand and create opportunities for the UKSFA. It’s my aim to ensure every one of you feel a sense of belonging in our community or practice. As an Asian female in a male dominated industry, I want to ensure everyone has a warm and welcoming seat waiting for them at the table.

I am not an expert in EDI and believe no one person is, EDI is always changing with the make-up of the industry changing. I am however keen to learn the needs and barriers the community of the UKSFA has to create a more inclusive space, to understand and fight for those who are like and far alike from me. Beyonce once said, ‘your compassion, your understanding, your fight for people who may be different from you is beautiful.”

Zainab Khatoon, Chair – EDI Committee, UKSFA

Zainab is the Midlands Ambassador for Doyenne (women in leasehold), helping the group enhance the support and recognition for women in a male dominated sector. Last year at the NOTB, Zainab was voted ‘Property Professional of the Year’ by her peers.

Zainab has strong views about supporting others where she can – and no matter what their status. She is excited to help support the UKSFA to get the recognition it needs from potential partners to strengthen their brand and bring forward more high-quality rental homes for everyone.

“It’s hard to think of someone more suited to this role. I have known Zainab for nearly ten years and in that time, she has distinguished herself as the consummate professional. Her peers certainly think so. The UKSFA is passionate about EDI and it’s incredibly important that our committee Chair is someone who shares our values, passion and has unimpeachable integrity. Anyone who knows Zainab will know what a terrific champion for EDI and the UKSFA she will be.”

Richard Berridge, CEO, UKSFA

The UKSFA is committed to EDI and aims to ensure a renter-centric approach that prioritises quality, sustainability and energy efficiency, aligning with its broader goals to revolutionise the UK rental landscape.