UK’s first search platform for BTR properties has launched

Love to Rent aims to deliver more than just a search facility. It's building communities for the future with homes for people of all ages.

Love to Rent - BTR News

Love to Rent – the UK’s first standalone search platform specifically designed for the Build to Rent market has launched. Designed to promote this new type of rental properties, they show the quality, security and benefits that Build to Rent offer.

The platform has been recently developed at a time when renting is changing. It’s not only for young professionals anymore, as the number of elderly people and families choosing to rent is rising. And for many, renting is a negative experience with bad landlords and unfit living conditions. Renters are increasingly looking for a better offer, which Build to Rent homes provide.

The latest Housing in London report reveals one in three households renting privately now include children, owning your own home is not an option for most, and for others, renting provides flexibility as well as the comfort of community living.

Build to rent developments are different from typical rental properties, as it gives renters access to a range of benefits, including professionally managed properties 24 hours a day, on-site amenities, longer tenancies, and contract clauses which provide renters with better protection from surprise eviction notices.

Until now, there hasn’t been a UK platform dedicated specifically for renters looking for well-managed Build to Rent properties, with the assurance that the homes advertised on their platform are by landlords who are reputable, governed organisations. 

“Love to Rent is all about giving customers choice, helping them explore the many unique benefits that Build to Rent homes have to offer, all in one place. It’s an easy to use portal which helps customers find exactly what they are looking for, whether that is a lively, sociable community, great services or a retirement complex.

“I believe that Build to Rent will transform the rental market and I am pleased to deliver the only platform for those seeking the secure, high-quality tenancies that Build to Rent homes provide.”

Anne-Marie Brown, CEO, Love to Rent

The Love to Rent platform provides critical data that will inform future developments, ensuring the best form of housing is delivered in the correct locations with services that customers want.

“I believe that Build to Rent is a vital part of the consumer offer and housing supply challenge to help tackle London’s housing crisis. I’m delighted to see the launch of Love to Rent, the UK’s first search platform exclusively for Build to Rent homes, which will positively support that.

“I know that quality and security is really important to Love to Rent, both in terms of the types of tenancies the developments on the platform offer, but also in terms of the landlords they allow to market on their website. Customers can therefore be assured that the developments on Love to Rent are managed by reputable landlords who deliver high-quality homes with great services.

“Love to Rent will help to promote the consumer benefits of build to rent homes, as well as highlighting to customers that they do have more choice in the rental market.”

Jamie Ratcliff, Former Assistant Director of Housing, GLA