UKAA Annual BTR Conference results in 50+ actions

This year’s UKAA conference resulted in 50+ ‘actions… not just words’ for the Build to Rent sector, with eight key themes.

UKAA Annual BTR Conference 2023 discussion session | BTR News
UKAA Annual BTR Conference 2023 discussion session.

The UKAA Annual Build to Rent Conference held in London last month resulted in over 50 action points that covers eight key themes that the company will take forward in 2024.

The actions have been drawn from the keynotes, panels and breakout sessions during the event, and cover the current thinking from leaders across the Build to Rent sector.

The agreed action points have been developed collaboratively with event delegates – and they will be carried forward through the work of the UKAA’s specific committees, hubs and working groups.

The eight top level action categories that will also shape the UKAA manifesto and strategy for 2024 include:

  1. Communicate on behalf of the Build to Rent sector and serve as the voice of Build to Rent.
  2. Set and communicate clear Build to Rent sector standards.
  3. Provide data and evidence to support all calls.
  4. Invest in developing people in Build to Rent.
  5. Share lessons learned and best practice.
  6. Focus on building partnerships.
  7. Educate consumers.
  8. Future-proof assets.

The central themes of the categories are clarity, trust, value creation, education and collaboration. They tie together to strengthen the sector’s future and support it to move forward in line with environmental, social and governance (ESG) principles. 

Also developed in line with these principles is the new Build to Rent Code of Practice, which was also introduced for consultation at the event.

“The UKAA Annual Build to Rent Conference is about actions… not just words. It’s about representing and addressing the needs of the sector with intellectual rigour and action-focus. We are delighted to be able to take forward so many significant and important points over the course of 2024 because of this resoundingly successful event.”

“It’s going to be a busy year ahead, as we take forward the excellent roadmap of actions agreed at this year’s positive and fruitful conference. The UKAA is grateful to all those who contributed to the event, from keynote speakers and presenters to the highly engaged delegates who gave their time, energy and ideas.”

Brendan Geraghty, CEO, UKAA