UK SFA and NRHC create global single-family rental alliance

The UK Single-Family Association (UK SFA) and the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) partner to create a global single-family rental alliance.

David Howard, CEO at the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) joins forces with the UK SFA | BTR News
David Howard, CEO at the National Rental Home Council (NRHC) joins forces with the UK SFA.

Membership and advocacy organisation – the UK SFA – which represents the single-family rental (SFR) sector in the UK joins forces with its US counterpart – the NRHC – to create a global SFR alliance.

The not-for-profit trade organisation represents owners, operators, and providers to the SFR sector across the United States. The NRHC has some of the most influential operators and partners amongst its membership, including Zillow, Yardi, J P Morgan Securities, John Burns Consulting and Gallagher Insurance. It also has three of the largest SFR investors – Invitation Homes, Homes 4 America and Tricon Residential as members.

“Housing is undoubtedly a global issue – whether addressing challenges related to supply and affordability or leveraging opportunities emerging from new development and investment – that requires cross-border collaboration and the sharing of best practices.

“Through an affiliation with the UK SFA, NRHC looks forward to establishing a working partnership that will benefit SFR home providers, residents, policymakers and other key stakeholders in the US and UK housing markets.”

David Howard, CEO, National Rental Home Council (NRHC)

The UK SFA’s mission is to democratise and accelerate the delivery of rental houses in every corner of the UK by working with delivery agents from across the sector. Its alliance with the NRHC marks a major step towards the UK SFA realising its ambition – to collaborate with stakeholders across the UK and globally to share data and insights for the benefit of all stakeholders.

“We are a young organisation and yet we are achieving and influencing so much already. I am passionate about SFR and the transformative power it has in supporting the delivery of more homes of every tenure right across the UK. 

“Working with David at the NRHC has been incredibly exciting and to see what they have achieved is inspiring. David and I are determined that our working partnership will benefit our respective members, everyone delivering SFR and, above all, renters. SFR is already a success story in many parts of the UK and yet we are barely into the first chapter. I want to see the UK SFA and its members create an epic.”

Richard Berridge, CEO, UK SFA

Over the next year, 80,000 new SFR Build to Rent homes are expected to be delivered in the US, which have recently begun to mirror that of the UK model in the provision of purpose-built houses in suburban and exurban locations.

“The link with the NRHC will benefit the UK SFA and our members immensely. The SFR sector in the US is clearly more established than in the UK, and there are many things we can consider and learn from our counterpart in the US, whilst recognising that UK SFR has its own specific and unique dynamics.

“The UK SFA and NRHC share the view that if we get our product right for residents, we get it right full stop. I’m looking forward to collaborating with our US partners and further growing the UK SFA’s presence.”

Katherine Rose, President, UK SFA