The value of efficient creative services for BTR developments

Brocklebank Creative demonstrates how an experienced and measured approach to creating marketing assets can offer highly efficient solutions.

Quintain Living's Canada Gardens Build to Rent scheme at Wembley Park - Brocklebank Creative Services | BTR News
Quintain Living's Canada Gardens Build to Rent scheme at Wembley Park.

By Richard Webb, Director, Brocklebank Creative Services

Production of your marketing assets can be the root of much discussion.

Inherently subjective in nature, they are often misconceived in regard to the time and ability they require to produce, particularly when considering quality, quantity and budgets. Too often projects are not provided with the care required to make them as appropriate as they need be, which can lead to problems and more expense down the line.

Being able to rely on an experienced, dependable supplier for your creative application and adaptation across the range of marketing media you use can not only save you time and considerable costs, but will also allow you to produce a range of collateral that you previously may not have considered economical.

A more pragmatic approach can pay dividends in terms of budget consumed, lead times and the range and quality of media at the disposal of your marketing team, particularly the larger, data driven projects, such as floor plans.

Brocklebank Creative’s exposure to the Build to Rent sector has required us to adapt our experience to offer a more measured, less reactionary approach to the production of our client’s collateral, especially for large-scale projects.

This in turn has allowed us to develop highly efficient solutions. It’s a strength that we offer readily for the benefit of our customers.

A perfect example is recent work produced for Quintain Living and their Canada Gardens development, where we can aptly demonstrate our ability to a tee – turning supplied data and drawings into high quality plan arrangements of units at incredibly cost-efficient rates.

Case study: Canada Gardens, Quintain Living’s Build to Rent scheme at Wembley Park

The brief

To present individual apartment floor plan illustrations from supplied data for Canada Gardens, the flagship, seven building development at Wembley Park.

Example of a client supplied drawing - Brocklebank Creative Services | BTR News
Example of a client supplied drawing.

What did we do?

Quintain Living’s high specification Canada Gardens development houses over 700 individual Build to Rent apartments in numerous capacities, shapes and styles.

As a long-standing supplier, Brocklebank Creative was tasked with providing premium indicative floor plans for each building, combining an array of relevant data.

The techniques we employed didn’t involve any fancy technology or application, just careful consideration of the goal and a methodical, considered approach to the organisation and production of the project.

Approved creative was applied, manipulated and then collated to produce individual assets, which had to demonstrate indicative finishes, example furnishings and specification for potential tenants’ consideration.

Associated costs

You may presume that the production of such premium and unique assets for each individual apartment in a development as large as Canada Gardens may be costly and suffer considerable lead times.

We delivered assets for each building, illustrated, nuanced, proofed and presented with all specified data, in two different guises for a cost of under £8 a unit.

An example of a presented floor plan - Brocklebank Creative Services | BTR News
An example of a presented floor plan.

To offer further context, if we had worked on each apartment individually, unit by unit, floor by floor, and each took a day to finalise, producing assets for the entire Canada Gardens development would’ve taken almost two working years.

Brocklebank Creative completed the entire project in a little over 150 hours or approximately 26 working days.

In conclusion

Not only did our approach provide considerable financial benefit, our application also offered confidence that the project would be delivered on time and budget, to the required standard.

These benefits are only really achievable with the pragmatism we talk about; an insightful, versatile application of the creative process means we can achieve not only an appropriate application, but also a high level of consistent quality in more reasonable amounts of time.

Of course, this is just one purposeful example. Differing project variables will always affect delivery timescales and costs – but our approach and techniques in application remain the same across all requests we are tasked with.

To date, we have delivered assets for around 2,760 homes across Quintain’s Wembley Park site – proof that our ideals ring true.

We feel that the production of creative work should be treated with just as much respect as any other service required to deliver a successful project, regardless of scale and as a premium creative service provider, we take pride in being able to provide the necessary flexibility to adapt to client parameters and still be able to employ those efficiencies in all we provide.

Should you have an enquiry about your creative application and production for Build to Rent marketing, you can contact Richard at Brocklebank Creative on 07808 644 610 or email