The synergies between PBSA, BTR and Co-living

One of the emerging trends we are excited to see and be involved in is the expansion of purpose-built student accommodation (PBSA) providers into the very complimentary Co-living (Co-liv) and Build to Rent (BTR) markets.

Modern real estate for co-living communities- StarRez | BTR News

By Travis Knipe, CEO of StarRez

PBSA’s have provided memorable residential experiences for students and offer far more than a great place to live and study. They offer experiences, health and wellness support, exceptional amenities, social connections, safety and more.

They have built great brands and reputations that can carry forward with repeat customers as students graduate and continue their journey of life. They are often looking for a similar lifestyle, making co-living the perfect residential community transition from PBSA. They can continue to connect with people, share common spaces, keep costs down and enjoy the time as young professionals. Co-living allows people to share accommodation with a small group of friends and is filling a really important need in our communities by offering people a place to connect and belong, be affordable and enrich the lives of residents.

Built to Rent is also well suited to young professionals, but often might be couples (could be downsizers) or friends who want more privacy and more personal space but still the great vibe of a residential community, access to wonderful amenities, and a lifestyle of adventure without the worry of a family home and garden maintenance.

We are seeing some cities around the globe reach the ideal size in terms of student accommodation capacity, but there is still a significant need for more housing options. It’s exciting to see our PBSA leaders stepping into these market segments to bring their expertise with design, development and operations to benefit the broader community.

We are also seeing outstanding leaders from PBSA such as Dan Moore, who has more than 17 years’ student housing experience from the UK and Australia, having represented operators such as Campus Living Villages and Atira Student Living, bring his expertise into the Build to Rent sector with Assemble Communities.

Formed in 2010, Assemble Communities is a developer and community management company on a mission to make thoughtfully designed sustainable homes more accessible to more people, delivering affordable housing options under its Assemble Model (also known as Build to Rent to Own) and Build to Rent projects.

“Our innovative housing models address the very real challenge of secure tenure and home ownership in Australian cities, bridging the gap between renting and owning your home. We are passionate about delivering well-designed communities that have a deep respect for people and place while nurturing a strong sense of ownership and belonging for our residents.” 

Dan Moore – Director, Operations, Assemble Communities 

We know that thriving communities have residents that are engaged, safe, and getting the most out of the precious time they have. It’s great to see this trend emerge so residents can seamlessly transition from PBSA to Co-living and Build to Rent.