The James Liverpool goes secure with SALTO

The James Liverpool chooses a smart access solution from SALTO that offers the perfect balance of ease, security and flexibility.

The James Liverpool. The scheme has chosen a smart access control from SALTO | BTR News
The James Liverpool.

The James Liverpool is in the heart of the vibrant city of Liverpool, offering a unique and redefined experience for individuals seeking long-term stays. With its prime location on James Street, The James Liverpool stands as a beacon of contemporary living, providing 100 fully furnished studios that cater to the diverse needs of its residents.

At The James Liverpool, residents are not merely tenants but valued members of a dynamic community and a thriving creative hub. With a strong emphasis on fostering connections and creating an enriching living environment, The James Liverpool sets itself apart as more than just a place to call home.

What did they need?

With over 100 fully furnished studios and a wide range of amenities, secure, flexible access control for the residents is of upmost importance.

“Security and flexibility were paramount considerations for our team and residents. We sought a comprehensive solution that could cater to both long-term and short-term lets, accommodating a constant influx of new residents, while aligning with our modern and flexible approach.

“Our primary objective was to ensure seamless access not only to individual apartments but also to the abundant shared co-living spaces. We aimed for a user-friendly solution that would enable remote access and provide real-time monitoring and control of activities within the premises.”

Co-founder of The James Liverpool


Working with VMS Fire and Security, The James Liverpool selected a SALTO solution because of their reputation for being class leaders in advanced technology security solutions. Choosing to go with a smart access solution enables security teams to balance security with accessibility, and advanced technology with affordability.

The decision’s rationale was given by Hiten Patel, Director at VMS Fire and Security.

“We advised the adoption of the SALTO KS platform since it provides several ways to unlock doors that are accessible with SALTO KS smart access, including utilising a digital key. It offers complete security features on a wireless, cloud-based management platform that is entirely remote, and it makes possible a wide range of keyless techniques to improve user experience and safety for any building type.

“Over 143 doors were secured by a thorough installation of SALTO technology, including important locations like the main building entry, floor access, fire escape doors, lift access points and all apartment door entries.”

Hiten Patel, Director at VMS Fire and Security

Solution and benefits

Having made the decision to use a SALTO secure solution, the installation got underway with 143 doors and being secured. Product fitted includes XS4 one electronic escutcheon, which needs no hard wiring and provides a totally wire-free networked electronic locking solution with a great range of features.

“SALTO was the ideal fit and satisfied all of our needs. Their cutting-edge access control solution offered the perfect balance of ease, security, and flexibility that we were looking for. We discovered SALTO to be a smooth and user-friendly solution that allowed tenants to enter their homes and communal areas with ease while also enabling us to remotely regulate access in real-time. Salto’s innovative technology has significantly improved the quality of life for our residents at The James Liverpool, thus we are happy to have collaborated with them.”

Co-founder of The James Liverpool