The BPF National Living Sectors Summit

British Property Federation (BPF)’s National Living Sectors Summit is soon approaching. Director of Policy Ian Fletcher delves into its focus this year.

The BPF Living Sectors Summit will take place on 7 May 2024 | BTR News
The BPF Living Sectors Summit will take place on 7 May 2024.

The BPF’s Annual Summit on 7 May is one of the sector’s premier conferences. It has an unashamed political flavour in election year, but lots of other sector content to inspire and thought-provoke. And of course, plenty of opportunities to network at CMS’s 5-star offices above Cannon Street station.

By Ian Fletcher, Director of Policy (Real Estate), British Property Federation

2024 is set to be a definitive year for politics and predicting its impact on the Build to Rent and other living sectors is key. The Government, slowed down by Brexit and a pandemic, is going hell for leather to get its legislative programme complete before it calls a general election.

The conference goes under the title of The Power of Insight and appropriately starts with a speech from the Minister responsible for renters’ reform, Jacob Young MP, at a critical juncture as he seeks to kick-start the Government’s stalled tenure reforms.

This segues into an esteemed panel looking at what the election means for the Build to Rent and wider living sector. Luciana Berger, a former Labour MP, and Luke Murphy, who advised Labour on housing policy in 2015, and is their general election candidate for Basingstoke, will be joined by two sector experts – Josh Lambkin and Max Caplin. All in the capable hands of Kurt Mueller, Director of Corporate Affairs at Grainger, who chairs the morning sessions.

After a bout of networking, the event gets market-focused. First, contemplating the roles of housing associations and private sector in resolving the housing crisis, with the Chair of the G15 and CEO of L&Q, Fiona Fletcher-Smith. And then a panel of market experts chew over current investment and lending conditions.

To stimulate thinking before lunch, Andrew Surgenor of CBRE, who sits on the Government’s Older Peoples’ Housing Taskforce, will expand on the work of the Taskforce and wider opportunities in the later living sector.

The afternoon welcomes another excellent conference chair, Anna Clarke of the Housing Forum. Are our Living Sectors in rude health? Who better to answer that question than Head of European Investment Research, Greg Kane at PGIM, drawing on his experience of UK and European markets.

Next, a dive into a sector trend towards more family homes, and the challenges and innovation designing for families, with speakers from L&G, Vistry and Packaged Living.

Before afternoon networking, one of the country’s top pollster’s, Andrew Hawkins, founder of ComRes and Whitestone Insight, will read the runes of the forthcoming election, as politicos absorb the results of the local and mayoral elections, just days before.

Penultimately, there is a fantastic and what should be highly entertaining session – title: Experience and exuberance – let’s talk about living. A mixture of youth and experienced professionals talk about their careers, their customers, and what is good and bad about the sector. Featuring: Geeta Nanda of MTVH, John Kenny of Realstar, Jenny Shaw of Unite Students, and BPF Futures member, Christopher Mizen.

The hope is to have a senior Labour figure round off what should be an exciting and stimulating day.

For more information and to make a booking for the BPF National Living Sectors Summit, see: BPF – The BPF National Living Sectors Summit: The Power of Insight