The benefits of having a robust training package

The Property Recruitment Company discuss the benefits of having a robust training package for employees within the Build to Rent sector.

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The blended living sector, which encompasses student accommodation, Build to Rent, coliving and coworking has seen substantial growth over the last decade, with new onsite teams and positions being created on a weekly basis. The sector has been responsible for providing hundreds of jobs in local communities and has also shown incredible resilience so far throughout the Covid 19 pandemic.

So why would people leave their job? In our experience, the classic motivations are usually a lack of money, not loving the management style, or the belief that there are better working hours and benefits elsewhere.

However, what we’ve found may surprise you. We used a survey to ask people why they would leave their role in the next twelve months – and the most popular response was because of career progression. Now, that doesn’t always mean a new job title – there is an overwhelming value to feeling like they’re being developed through skills training and learning. 

“Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough, so they don’t want to.” 

Richard Branson

Benefits of having a robust training package

These are the key reasons why having a robust training package in place will benefit your team:

Employee satisfaction

A well-trained employee is a happier employee. Studies found that staff are more likely to feel invested in and happier in the workplace if they’ve received dedicated training. When staff feel valued, challenged and developed, they’re less likely to seek new roles – which leads to lower recruitment costs over time.

Consistency of service 

Blended living across all its facets is a service lead industry. The customer is key and anything you can do to provide your team with the knowledge and skills to provide top service levels is very important. In a customer facing environment, having a team that shares company values and can work at the same high standards every day is vital.

Company profile / brand 

In an increasingly competitive job market, it’s important to present your brand as one that will help develop staff and nurture them throughout their career. When competing for the best recruits, a reputation in providing the best training and development opportunities can be utilised as a strong competitive advantage. 

Problem solving and safety 

Your amazing spaces deserve amazing experiences and part of that will come down to resolving any day to day issues in a satisfactory and timely manner. Arming your staff with the training and confidence to deliver a great service will begin with a solid training programme. Similarly, when it comes to health and safety, customers will look to your staff when an incident occurs. So this should be incorporated into the onboarding programme, so the staff are certain of the best course of action.