Tesco and Astir shake hands on new Lewisham BTR contract

London residential developer Astir and Tesco PLC sign contracts for new Lewisham Build To Rent development.

Astir and Tesco establish new Build to Rent development site in Lewisham | BTR News
Astir and Tesco establish new Build to Rent development site in Lewisham.

Tesco supermarkets – advised by Savills – recently signed contracts to establish an innovative Build to Rent scheme in Lewisham with London residential developer Astir. 

Astir pride themselves on offering a modern and sustainable lifestyle, delivering a fresh approach to the Build to Rent market.

“We are delighted to be working with Tesco to bring forward these exciting proposals to deliver much-needed new housing for rent in Lewisham, grounded in our focus on exemplar place making and sustainability.” 

Travis Crawford, Partner, Astir

The 3.98 acre site in Lewisham will incorporate Astir’s residential led and mixed-use developments with Tesco’s community based efforts and trade. 

Tesco’s new purpose-built superstore aims at providing convenience to the local community that goes hand-in-hand with the new Astir development.

“We are excited to be working with Astir to deliver a new vision for our Lewisham superstore and look forward to serving customers locally for many years to come.”

Marcus Vinnicombe, UK Property Acquisitions Director, Tesco

Alongside Tesco, the residential scheme will offer luxury amenities to its residents.

Both companies are equally committed to serving the wider community that surrounds the Build to Rent development.

Most notably, the enhancement of Eagle House and restoration of the Ravensbourne River are a part of the agenda to provide a sustainable haven for the local community.

Tesco and Astir are delighted to expand their services to the Lewisham area, and look forward to working alongside one another in the success of the collaborative development.