Survey reveals interiors attract high paying tenants

A new survey reveals what is required to attract and keep high-paying tenants in Build to Rent developments.

An example of Hatch’s work to illustrate the quality interiors that renters expect nowadays | BTR News
An example of Hatch’s work to illustrate the quality interiors that renters expect nowadays.

Providing good-quality housing with stylish and well-equipped interiors is the only way to go if landlords want to attract and keep high-paying tenants, says a survey of 1,000 UK adults by Hatch Interiors – specialists in furniture collections, bespoke interior design and Build to Rent schemes. The survey gives landlords and developers an insight into the minds of tenants.

“In tough economic times, renters are needing to see real value in return for their hard-earned money. With Build to Rent adding so many properties to the market and at such a high standard, renters do have choices and will vote with their feet.

“Despite the cost of living crisis, 28.6% of renters say they would pay more for properties with higher-quality furniture, and this number goes up to 33.3% for renters who lives in cities, and jumps to 36.9% for those renters who like to socialise.”

Jodie Wardell, Head of BTR at Hatch Interiors

For landlords and developers thinking about handling the furnishing themselves, the survey of 18-64-year-olds reveals that 42% of renters want their home to be professionally decorated. 

“If landlords want to justify premium rent, one element they can easily control is the interiors of their properties. A stark interior with rickety or dated furniture will not appeal to the 70% of people in our UK-wide survey who feel the interior design of their home is important or very important.”

Jodie Wardell, Head of BTR at Hatch Interiors

In a post-Covid world, landlords also need to consider the rise of hybrid working and its impact on homes, says Hatch Interiors, with the survey finding that 60.6% of renters want a desk in their home.

The good news for Build to Rent developers is that 27.6% of those questioned find a communal working space appealing or highly appealing. And those who live in urban settings are even more interested in having a desk at home, with the number rising to 74%. They are also more interested in communal working space than the average renter, with 40% saying it is appealing or highly appealing.

 “What makes people choose one property over another, if they’re in the same location? 46% of urban renters in our survey say a communal space makes them more likely or very likely to choose a place. That makes sense since 42.7% of them say having facilities to spend time with neighbours in their development is appealing or highly appealing. And 40% say quality furnishings make the difference in choosing a property, with 75.8% of urban renters say they use their homes for relaxing often, and 63.6% use their homes for spending time with family often, so it’s unsurprising that quality furnishings are a priority when choosing their new homes.”

Jodie Wardell, Head of BTR at Hatch Interiors

The Hatch Interiors bespoke design team has worked on high-end residential interior design and refurbishment projects across London and the South East, as well as working with top developers such as Taylor Wimpey, Hill, Bellway and the Berkeley Group to create stylish show homes. Thanks to this success, Hatch Interiors now occupies a 51,000 sq ft warehouse in Harlow, Essex near to the M25. Hatch Interiors has over 20 years industry experience and has the extensive ability to create luxurious, unique interiors to meet your exact specification. Its team of in-house designers are dedicated to creating bespoke interiors to meet your individual brief whilst skilled joiners and upholsterers create exclusive furniture to further enhance your scheme.

Landlord and developer tips for attracting higher-paying tenants

Hatch Interiors share five tips for attracting higher paying tenants:

  1. Keep the colour palette relatively neutral, but you can add a few ‘pops’ of colour to keep it interesting and inviting.
  2. Landlords want their furniture to stand the test of time, so look for well-built, durable pieces that come with a warranty. Cheap items will need to be replaced sooner.
  3. Following on from that point, tenants will treat your property with more respect if it is well-designed and doesn’t feel cheap.
  4. Make sure that all upholstery and soft furnishings are fire-resistant – that’s a requirement under the UK’s regulations for rental properties.
  5. This is an obvious plug for Hatch, but consider a furniture pack! These packs are curated by an interior designer, so they offer a cohesive look with durable furniture and a swift installation time.