Strawberry Star’s BTR arm launches Star Living Gravesend

Strawberry Star’s Build to Rent arm launches Star Living Gravesend, the second boutique development announced by the company.

Star Living Gravesend Build to Rent development - Strawberry Star | BTR News
Star Living Gravesend Build to Rent development.

Following Strawberry Star’s announcement earlier this year on the launch of its Build to Rent arm – Star Living – the company today (12 July 2022) announces it has launched Star Living Gravesend, its second Build to Rent scheme. The unique development follows the Build to Rent arms recent announcement of Star Living Harlow.

An integral part of Star Living’s portfolio, the boutique development on Bath Street, Gravesend, Kent will deliver 115 homes – a mix of one-, two-, and three-bedroom apartments. Star Living Gravesend will offer a single customer journey from reservations to end of tenancy, including digital concierge, and ancillary services such as laundry, dry cleaning and housekeeping.

The area of Gravesend meets the criteria identified by Star Living for a successful Build to Rent scheme. Construction is set to start in Q1 2023 and will see Star Living Gravesend built on the former site of the Gravesend Maternity hospital, which will see the refurbishment of the old maternity ward. The developer will maintain and incorporate the unique M shape at the top of the building.

“The launch of Star Living Gravesend is a significant milestone for us on our Build to Rent journey. We’re determined to deliver high-quality rental homes to meet the needs of our residents in Gravesend and surrounding areas. The development will bring back into use a brownfield site that was previously used for the former Gravesend Maternity Hospital that was well known for birthing new life. It is an honour to have the opportunity to build on this heritage and revive this landmark site.”

Steven Beveridge, CEO, Star Living

Star Living has been positioned in the market to provide a modern and convenient rental product within the commuter belt against a background of chronic supply issues, whilst serving investors as a resilient asset class poised for growth.

Gravesend is currently undergoing a large redevelopment and Strawberry Star is moving forward to deliver much-needed housing in the area. As an end-to-end developer, Strawberry Star acquires, develops, builds and manages all its portfolio, and already has £1.4bn worth of assets and over 1,000+ units under management.

“We’re extremely proud to announce the launch of Star Living Gravesend, the latest scheme under our new boutique Build to Rent brand. Star Living Gravesend will deliver much-needed rental apartments for the Gravesend community, helping to rebalance the levels of supply and demand for rental units. Our strategy to bring forward boutique developments will result in new homes coming to market much sooner than on larger regeneration schemes.”

Santhosh Gowda, Chairman, Strawberry Star