StarRez and Microsoft extend partnership with Power Automate

The growing partnership between StarRez and Microsoft will now include the Power Automate Connector for seamless integration capabilities.

StarRez and Microsoft's partnership with combine StarRez REST v1 connector with Power Automate | BTR News
StarRez and Microsoft's partnership with combine StarRez REST v1 connector with Power Automate.

Global leader in housing accommodation software solutions StarRez has announced the expansion of its partnership with Microsoft to include its official StarRez REST v1 connector for Power Automate.

The connector will provide administration users with an easier way to gain benefits of automated workflows with StarRez REST API. Power Automate will offer a simplified avenue for users to seamlessly program tasks and share data across various applications without the need for complex coding.

This integration eliminates barriers for users who may not possess a software background, yet aspire to consolidate their workflows efficiently while leveraging the Power Automate ecosystem of connectors to other platforms. Customers who have both StarRez REST licenses and Power Automate licenses will enjoy simplified workflow configuration possibilities through the interface.  

The incorporation of Power Automate within StarRez’s framework aims to simplify workflows. This will save time by effortlessly automating repetitive tasks and workflows. For example, Power Automate allows users to control the scheduling and table formats of excel exports for active addresses of new arrivals. 

With Power Automate, intuitive integration will allow users to integrate other applications for seamless and straightforward processes, like creating a synced billing overview that includes other student payments, such as tuition. 

StarRez also ensures that users from diverse backgrounds and skill sets can leverage the power of automation to optimise their operations – giving team members without a software background an avenue to easily program tasks and exchange data between Excel sheets and StarRez. 

The platform will help create an efficient system by eliminating errors and improving operational efficiency with programmed routine tasks, such as when your team needs to update room space maintenance statuses, minimising manual intervention. 

StarRez is proud to partner with Microsoft Power Automate to provide advanced methods of automation for administrative teams. The integration of Power Automate within StarRez’s ecosystem signifies a commitment to empowering users with intuitive solutions for optimising processes and driving efficiency.