SmartRent integrations: new features and what’s to come

SmartRent integrations – new features and promising integrations with other UK-based technology companies.

Access control regulates the flow of visitors to your asset - SmartRent | BTR News
Access control regulates the flow of visitors to your asset.

Smart home adoption is on the rise. According to Samsung, 75% of UK residents say that smart technology is the future of property development, and 71% agree that digitally connected properties help them save time and effort.

Since launching in the United Kingdom in 2020, US-based smart home automation platform SmartRent has been busy upgrading its service offerings to include a number of promising integrations with other UK-based technology companies. In recent months, the company completed several integrations designed to make using the smart home automation platform more convenient and rewarding than ever before.

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Latest updates on SmartRent and what else is coming in the world of proptech

A revolutionary water valve from Hero Labs

Leak detection is a costly issue for countless housing providers across the UK, where 3,113 million litres of water are leaked each day. The average cost to repair a leak is £632.80, with some paying as much as £12,000 per leak.

However there is a way to mitigate costly and damaging leaks – the Sonic water valve by Hero Labs, which is now supported by SmartRent’s smart home automation platform.

Sonic detects continuous, very small leaks that can be damaging over time, like a dripping pipe. Conventional solutions cut off the water supply on the entire floor; Sonic shuts off the water in the affected apartment. This prevents disruption to other residents.

Sonic’s ultrasonic technology and machine learning capabilities provide a detailed picture of every apartment’s water use. This information can be found in the user app or in the management dashboard. These features will come in handy for operators who have fair use policies.

Sonic is supported by SmartRent’s own leak detection sensors. When either the Sonic water valve or SmartRent sensors detect a leak, the mitigation process begins. In this way, clients who have both solutions installed can maximise asset protection rather than relying on a stand-alone solution.

Whenever an issue is detected, Sonic feeds the information to SmartRent’s management dashboard. The device will then send an immediate alert to the building manager and maintenance crew, ensuring any problems can be handled quickly and cost-effectively without the need for employee assistance.

The Hero Labs Sonic water valve - SmartRent | BTR News
The Hero Labs Sonic water valve.

Smart locks powered by TLJ Access Control

There are now 2.22 million smart homes in the UK, with many more housing developments in the planning stages. A smart lock is a fundamental component of any smart home, especially when the technology is as promising as that offered by TLJ Access Control.

SmartRent now supports TLJ Access Control’s Zpad. The Zpad advances access control by integrating TLJ’s smart locks with SmartRent’s smart home automation ecosystem.

Zpad is a wireless digital keypad that pairs with TLJ smart locks. The device is online, real-time, battery-powered and wireless, and sits next to the smart lock. It is usually mounted on the wall or door frame.

Locks and Zpads communicate wirelessly, while Zpads use Z-Wave technology to communicate with SmartRent’s network. The electronic lock can be controlled securely by residents, guests and site teams. They can do this by using pin codes on the Zpad’s digital keypad or on the user’s mobile device.

The benefits of SmartRent’s TLJ integration are numerous. The integration streamlines access and makes it so that residents can control everything about their smart home with one app. PIN codes can easily be shared with guests.

Because the Zpad’s lock activation relies on Z-Wave and Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) instead of WiFi, the locks are more secure. Finally, asset owners and operators can attract new residents with these integrations, which are in demand among incoming renters and can facilitate self-guided touring options. Learn more about the benefits of Self-Guided Tours by SmartRent. 

Versatile touring with igloohome Keyboxes

Self-Guided Tours are a popular choice for modern renters. With self-guided touring technology, prospects visit the community on their own time, contacting site teams when they have questions or want to take the next step in the leasing process.

SmartRent users in the UK can now use igloohome Smart Keyboxes to facilitate Self-Guided Tours. Because the igloohome product is designed to support pin codes and Bluetooth access solutions, prospects can tour communities regardless of whether it has a central access control system or smart locks installed.

Property managers can also add keys, fobs, access cards and more for easy retrieval into the smart lockboxes. This ensures prospects have access to the home and/or common areas once they receive a temporary pin code associated with their self-guided tour.

In addition to a simple integration with the SmartRent platform, the igloohome Smart Keybox works without WiFi or a cellular connection. There’s no app download required, and the weather-resistant lockbox requires no installation. Simply attach the lockbox to doorknobs or gates or secure it to a wall. Discover the SmartRent-compatible igloohome Smart Keybox

The igloohome Smart Keybox adds versatility to Self-Guided Tours - SmartRent | BTR News
The igloohome Smart Keybox adds versatility to Self-Guided Tours.

Enhanced property management with Entrata

Property management software (PMS) is an essential tool for those who want to effectively oversee their properties. SmartRent’s integration with Entrata allows users in the UK to lead their portfolio more conveniently.

With the Entrata integration, SmartRent clients can streamline overall property management. One powerful, centralised platform enables property managers to better control smart home automation, maintenance work orders and more. New residents receive access automatically, while established residents can effortlessly grant access to their guests.

This integration also reduces the amount of manual work required of property staff. SmartRent and Entrata work together to sync unit, resident and work order data in near real-time. Asset operators can easily monitor the health of a community or the overall portfolio in this way.

Coming soon: Access Control solutions

As the demand for smart home technology grows, SmartRent plans to expand its service offerings to asset owners and operators in the UK. A key area of expansion is access control.

The SmartRent platform will soon offer cloud-based access for perimeter doors and common areas. When implemented, this solution will give owners in the UK more control over who has access to their buildings while allowing residents to grant visitors access to their homes. Find out more about access control.

Stay tuned for SmartRent updates

The SmartRent platform is about to see some exciting updates. Keep an eye on BTR News for future announcements about the company and its upcoming integrations.

About SmartRent

Founded in 2017, SmartRent ($SMRT) is an enterprise smart home building technology platform for real estate owners, managers and residents. SmartRent’s solutions provide seamless visibility and control over assets while delivering additional revenue opportunities through all-in-one home control offerings for residents. Its proprietary software integrates with third-party hardware and other software vendors to provide users with one centralised platform.

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