SALTO to promote latest Smart Access Control Solutions at BTR Expo

SALTO Systems will showcase its latest Smart Access Control Solutions for purpose-built rental homes at the BTR Expo.

London where the BTR Expo will be held in 2022 - SALTO Systems | BTR News

The BTR expo is back this year, presenting the opportunity to network with over 500 Build to Rent professionals throughout the day. SALTO Systems will showcase its comprehensive product range – and its latest Smart Access Control Solutions – at the UKAA BTR Expo 2022 taking place tomorrow, 28 April at the Business Design Centre.

The BTR Expo is the biggest business event for the Build to Rent industry in the UK, serving as an exceptional platform to feature SALTO latest residential smart access technologies, including the latest SALTO Homelok cloud-based platforms for smart living experience, as well as to foster more business partnerships.

“With a welcome return to live exhibitions after the pandemic, we’re looking forward to showcasing our latest access control platform SALTO Homelok, offering hardware and software technology for the residential market that deliver an unrivaled keyless experience.”

Melanie Kay, Head of Business Development UK, SALTO Systems UK

Attendees visiting company’s booth can experience all of SALTO’s smart access control solutions – including SALTO Homelok solutions for Built to Rent applications, cloud, and mobile platforms that deliver seamless and better experiences for residents, operators and visitors with enhanced efficiency for property management professionals.

SALTO continues to push boundaries, to expand the envelope of what is possible and how we can use the latest and emerging technologies to create keyless buildings that are smart to own, operate and manage. SALTO Homelok uses digital access technology rather than mechanical keys, bringing property management into a new era; remote openings, flexible access scenarios, staff, visitors and resident management. Property management activities can be carried out more efficiently.

At the UKKA BTR Expo, visitors can take a closer look at SALTO’s diverse product range, which includes its innovative new cloud-bases access control platform for smart living experience by providing a convenient and digital experience for residents, enabling frictionless access and management capabilities wireless access control system.

To learn more about smart access control products that deliver exciting advantages and cutting-edge solutions, visit the UKKA BTR Expo to meet the SALTO UK team and see a live presentation of their technology.