SALTO launches Homelok smart access solution

SALTO Systems launches Homelok - an all-in-one smart access solution aimed at the residential market.

SALTO Homelok, an all-in-one smart access solution for residential living | BTR News

SALTO Systems, a global leader in smart electronic access control solutions in the hospitality and commercial industries, is launching a groundbreaking new platform aimed at the residential market. SALTO Homelok is set to revolutionise residential living with its all-in-one solution that integrates smart access control technology, hardware, cloud software, digital keys, a smart living ecosystem and global service support.

“Smart home living is becoming increasingly more popular. Residents want seamless access, without managing multiple keys – and property managers want a solution that is easy to manage and provides seamless resident onboarding. All want physical security and protection for assets as well as a smarter living experience. Homelok, SALTO’s residential solution, delivers all this and more, providing convenient, secure and technology-enabled living.”

Iñigo Unanue – Global Residential Lead, SALTO Systems

SALTO Homelok will provide smart access control solutions across the residential market, from multifamily to single-family housing, vacation rentals and home care/assisted living establishments. SALTO Systems’ electronic locking solution is modern and easy to install and maintain, without the cost and complexity of traditional access control solutions.

SALTO Systems brings a wealth of smart building expertise, groundbreaking innovation, a unique combination of flexibility and control, and a market-leading portfolio to its residential solution, with a specific focus on the following five value propositions:

Operational efficiency

Homelok uses digital access technology, rather than mechanical keys, and can be accessed from anywhere – allowing property management activities to be streamlined and carried out more efficiently.

An elevated experience

Homelok delivers the smart living experience by providing a convenient and digital experience for residents, enabling seamless keyless access and management capabilities for day-to-day living.

Future-proof SVN access-driven technology in the cloud

Homelok utilises cutting-edge, innovative, and reliable SALTO SVN data-on-card technology from a high-value, versatile, and globally compatible product range that will continue to evolve into the future to support any developing access control requirements.

Enabling the Smart Living Ecosystem

Homelok delivers a core smart access solution within the Smart Building Ecosystem, by working with world-class Technology Partners and Property Management Systems (PMS) providers. It is an open platform that can be fully integrated to meet the growing demands for connected home living as well as enable greater control and visibility across property management systems.

“We are very excited to launch SALTO Homelok to the residential and multifamily market. The platform is set to revolutionise the way we live, access our home, and go about our everyday lives. And, while security has always been a concern, data protection, privacy and secure home access are vital – now, more than ever. Homelok is the solution.”

Aznar Sethna, CSMO, SALTO Systems

Guaranteed safety, privacy and security

Homelok gives the reassurance of robust 24/7 security and unmatched data protection and privacy using a unique combination of cloud-based and smart stand-alone access technology to create a market-defining level of safeguarding.

Specifically designed for residential living

SALTO has developed advanced and aesthetically-designed residential-specific electronic access control solutions that set a new standard in the industry – from building and perimeter access, common area organisation, to unit door management – with one easy-to-use system for residential properties of all types and sizes.

All-in-one solution for residents and property managers

From numerous smart access electronic locking solutions (hardware products) to user-centered cloud-based software, to an industry leading digital keyless experience, SALTO provides the ultimate all-in-one smart access experience for residents and property managers.

Enhance the smart living experience by adding your resident key to Apple Wallet

Through SALTO’s Homelok platform, users are now able to add their resident keys to Apple Wallet, allowing them to unlock SALTO smart locks with a simple tap of an iPhone or Apple Watch.

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