Report: The Value of Smart Building Technology

The Value of Smart Building Technology report highlights the opportunities for the Build to Rent sector to reduce carbon footprint while achieving rapid ROI.

The Value of Smart Building Technology - Realpage | BTR News

It’s possible to be able to increase energy and resource efficiencies and reduce the global carbon footprint of your commercial residential buildings. Smart building solutions enables smart devices like smart sensors, light switches and outlets, smart thermostats, and HVAC equipment. Additionally, you can integrate smart water meters and heaters, smart load centres and more – to really maximise a buildings efficiencies and give you actionable data.

Build to Rent operators can achieve a rapid and significant return on investment (ROI) and increase of net operating income (NOI) of technology providers in the industry, without necessitating rent lift. This lies in holistic intelligent building design – to increase not only the immediate NOI, but the value of the property and portfolio, a long term, perpetual return by design.

In a report – The Value of Smart Building Technology – created by RealPage you can read more about how this rapid return on investment can be achieved.