RealPage Stratis and Google join to provide management solution

RealPage Stratis and Google join forces to provide a UK first - a Google Fleet Management Solution for the Build to Rent industry.

RealPage Stratis and Google partnership to provide Google Fleet Management Solution | BTR News

By RealPage

RealPage Stratis and Google join forces to provide a UK first – a Google Fleet Management Solution for the Build to Rent industry. For the first time, property owners and operators can access RealPage Stratis and Google Nest Thermostats – allowing for an even better and more convenient resident experience, while also improving efficiencies for Build to Rent owners and operators.

With RealPage Statis, property owners and managers can manage all Google Nest Thermostats from one dashboard, along with all other smart home devices including locks, lights, and leak detectors where proactively monitoring water can allow for proactive leak detection.  

Having successfully completed an initial pilot of Google Nest Thermostats at Greystar’s Denver Parq on Speer high-rise property, Google Nests have been installed in an additional 1500 Greystar units in Denver alone.

The solution enables seamless management of Google Nest Thermostats, making it easier for Build to Rent operators to manage their Google Nest fleet. Owners and operators benefit by having complete control of the settings and energy usage in unoccupied units from one remote central dashboard, giving complete control of vacant units and allowing temperature parameters to be set without the need to enter each individual apartment.  This means you can streamline operations and gain better efficiencies whilst lowering costs – as well as appealing to residents through the use of devices like Google Nest.

Residents also benefit from a secure platform that provides energy efficiency and remote-control capabilities, enabling them to set the temperature from their device. Typically, a thermostat controls 60% of an energy bill, so the Google Nest helps residents save energy. 

Google Nest Thermostats allow residents to remotely controls heating and hot water – and it also learns what temperature residents like when they’re at home. It even turns itself down when they’re away and learns how a home warms up or how draughty it is, so it only uses the energy it needs.

“Together, Google Nest and Stratis fleet management create a truly helpful home, providing value at every level for owners, operators and residents. We understand that smart apartments are quickly becoming a standard for tech-savvy renters, this solution deploys a simple building-wide network to provide future proof value to the holistic building infrastructure. The relationship with Google Nest creates a seamless connected home solution for each room in each unit throughout the building, and across portfolios.” 

Felicite Moorman, Co-founder, Stratis

The RealPage Stratis solution is already operational in many buildings, and RealPage and Google showcased the offering at the Build to Rent annual conference at Wembley in September, and at the Urban Living Festival in October.

“I think it’s a no brainer – thoughtful developers want to be differentiating themselves through innovation instead of losing prospective renters to competitors who already do.”

Zach Aliberti, Real Estate Development Manager, Urban Property Developer