Rapleys launch employee focussed People Plan

Property consultancy Rapleys has launched a new People Plan, which aims to make it the industry employer of choice.

Justin Tuckwell, Managing Partner at Rapleys | BTR News
Justin Tuckwell, Managing Partner at Rapleys.

Rapleys’ People Plan was made accessible to all employees in May this year.

The plan brought all elements of investment in people announced in the business rebrand from September 2022 into one place.

Key initiatives in the plan include truly flexible working where employees can choose what hours they work with the agreement of their manager, an increased learning and development strategy that includes wellness, equality, diversity and inclusion, emotional intelligence modules, and a new streamlined incentivisation and reward process which links behaviours and recognises teamwork.

In 2019, Rapleys utilised the idea of a four-day working week and a nine-day fortnight before the pandemic accelerated a wider industry acceptability of flexible working.

In addition to investment in supportive technology, CPD, rewards and training, development will focus on coaching, mentoring and understanding emotional intelligence.

“We are proud of our new People Plan which firmly places people at the centre of our business activities. We want to promote a fun and positive working environment and be the industry’s employer of choice. As a partnership we were united in our decision to invest significantly in initiatives that will support and empower every person at Rapleys from learning and development to health and wellbeing, diversity and inclusion to reward and recognition and everything in between. I

“t’s crucial we get our people framework right – with the business looking to continue to grow significantly over the coming months and years, we need to ensure that our existing talent is happy and well looked after while hiring similar best-in-class teams attracted to our culture and offer. We firmly believe that in prioritising our people, everything else will follow – client service, performance, success. Given the proportion of our lifetimes we spend working, it needs to be a positive and happy experience.”

Justin Tuckwell, Managing Partner, Rapleys

The plan also emphasises the importance of wellbeing with the launch of an employee wellbeing hub and upgraded people policies that include menopause and adoption, alongside updating job titles and levels to recognise the importance of operational and support services.

Holiday allowance at Rapleys have been increased for all levels with a minimum six weeks off with incentives to take annual leave in full.

Other additional leave includes birthdays and wellbeing days, with a newly launched junior board that is chaired by the Managing Partner.

The company’s equality, inclusivity and diversity initiatives include a focus on reaching schools to educate about property as a career, with an increased EDI group, awareness and training.

Finally, traditional core working hours have been removed with each person able to work to suit their lifestyle with their manager’s agreement.