Q&A with ALFA Development’s Group CEO

We spoke with Andreea Kaiser, Group CEO at ALFA Development about the roll out of its LIVING BY ALFA Build to Rent concept.

Andreea Kaiser, Group CEO, ALFA Development | BTR News
Andreea Kaiser, Group CEO, ALFA Development.

We spoke with Andreea Kaiser, Group CEO at ALFA Development about the roll out of its LIVING BY ALFA Build to Rent concept in the UK, its ESG agenda, priorities for 2023 and its plans over the next five years.

ALFA Development is rolling out its LIVING BY ALFA concept in the UK. Can you tell us more about its offer in the market?

While the first LIVING BY ALFA Community opens January 2023 in Denmark, we are in talks with several partners in both the UK and Sweden on opening in these two additional markets. We have spent the last few months on feasibility studies and can see the opportunity in the markets for high quality Build to Rent at affordable pricing for the mid-market segment. 

How will LIVING BY ALFA distinguish itself from others in the sector?

LIVING BY ALFA is the first complete serviced community in Denmark – and we see that this is an increasingly attractive evolution within Build to Rent.

Our goal for the LIVING BY ALFA Community has been to ensure that everyone always feels welcome and included. To ensure this, we have engaged IHA Management from the Hospitality industry to develop an operations platform which will extend to the tenant, the community and the neighbourhood. The operations plan has been carefully considered so that it is authentic, reflective of our customer needs; and offers a true ‘hotelization of real estate’ experience. And all of this, at an affordable price.

What are your plans/immediate priorities for 2023?

We are focused on the opening of our flagship property in January 2023, having now successfully onboarded our Operations and Community Managers. At the same time, we are actively meeting with partners in the UK and Sweden; and putting together our expansion plan.  

The building site is a hive of activity, and we are holding several events to showcase the project.  This includes jazz barbecues, talks on new living concepts, and special VIP events for our new tenants to be onboarded – introduction to the LIVING BY ALFA app, building site tours (they love the selfies in hard hats), and ‘getting to know you’ dinners.

What are LIVING BY ALFA’s plans over the next five years?

Our concept is inspired by many international best-in-class communities. However, we have done a lot of research on the target groups, tailored the offering to our target groups, and made many adjustments to add a Nordic element of coziness – ‘hygge’ as they call it. We will continue to develop the brand and refine the concept, adapting it to each new market as we roll out across the UK and Sweden. We’re also looking forward to new partnerships within the sector and in new markets.

How does LIVING BY ALFA respond to the ESG agenda?

ESG has been the foundation of the building and the community. LIVING BY ALFA has been built to achieve DGNB Gold Certification. This certification covers environmental, economic, sociocultural and functional aspects, technology, processes and site.

I particularly like DGNB certification because we think sustainability is something our customers should ‘feel’. We have an 1800 m2 park exclusively for residents with local plants and trees, plenty of green areas surrounding the community offering opportunities for sports and recreation; and feel that not only are we developing LIVING BY ALFA with sustainability in mind; but also, with significant attention to the wellbeing and social aspects of our tenants. 

From a social perspective, the community is designed to encourage interaction. With over 400 m2 of amenity spaces (lobby, lounge, cinema, event room, children’s play room, serviced bedrooms, private dining area, etc.), the activities, and the services; our goal is to see a thriving intergenerational community that values and takes care of each other. Even the retail elements have been carefully curated, bringing back the essential service offering focused on community needs that one sees in villages or the traditional English high street. The centerpiece is a no-fuss restaurant focused on quality and fresh ingredients.

From a technology and processes side of ESG strategy, we are investing a lot of resources looking into new, more efficient and sustainable ways of building – including incorporating CLT in the structure of the building. Our ambition is for this innovative design and construction method to be the basis for each new LIVING BY ALFA community.