Pulse Fibre transforms Vertus buildings with lightning-fast connectivity

With fast and reliable internet connectivity crucial, Pulse Fibre showcases full-fibre internet at Vertus’ three Build to Rent schemes.

Newfoundland Build to Rent scheme. Pulse Fibre showcases its introduction of full-fibre internet at three of Vertus' residential developments in London | BTR News
Newfoundland Build to Rent scheme. Pulse Fibre showcases its introduction of full-fibre internet at three of Vertus' residential developments in London.

As fast and reliable internet connectivity becomes increasingly crucial, Pulse Fibre is proud to showcase its recent introduction of full-fibre internet in three award-winning Vertus residential developments in London: Newfoundland, 10 George Street and 8 Water Street. The projects showcase the unparalleled benefits developers can enjoy with Pulse Fibre.

By Pulse Fibre

The goal was to provide the 1,139 residents of the developments with faster and a more reliable internet service, by introducing Gigabit specification full fibre. The residents at 8 Water Street had been experiencing connectivity outages for four days from a previous fibre supplier with no resolution in sight. Pulse Fibre recognised the urgency of the situation and were on hand straight away to provide a solution.

Pulse Fibre was able to be on site and work to reconnect residents the very next day after being made aware of the residents’ outage frustrations. The partnership then continued with the rapid installation at 10 George Street, before moving on to Newfoundland. Instant activation removed any further downtime or waiting, providing residents with immediate access to the high-speed, reliable internet required.

“Vertus is a shining example of what Pulse Fibre can offer customers and developers alike.”

Reece Dopson, Pulse Fibre

Vertus building managers also benefit from access to Pulse Fibre’s Portal, a digital platform that allows Vertus to efficiently and effectively manage connections for residents. Functions such as providing instant activation for upcoming tenants, and deactivating connections once a resident has moved out, providing building managers with the necessary level of control and oversight to manage properties successfully.

“Working closely with the Vertus management team has been a privilege. Together, we achieved more than just meeting the project goals, we exceeded them, and we remain committed to providing reliable and lightning-fast internet.”

Robert Buckingham, Pulse Fibre

The developments at Vertus exemplifies Pulse Fibre’s unwavering commitment to delivering an exceptional service and it looks forward to continuing to provide reliable, lightning-fast internet solutions.

Pulse Fibre is building the next generation of full fibre infrastructure for the UK, deploying state of the art future-proof FTTP connectivity. We implement our own end-to-end dedicated fibre optic network, giving us full control of design, installation and maintenance.

Our mission is to level the playing field among Internet Service Providers and Fibre Network Operators; ultimately empower individuals and organisations with the power of affordable high-speed internet, enabling them to thrive and stay connected in an increasingly digital world.

We deliver network speeds up to 10Gb/s for both upload and download. This is vital for those who rely on a high-speed network in both directions for home-working, business, collaboration tools and other evolving internet usage.

From the national fibre network to the WiFi in the home, our infrastructure is focused on the latest, high capacity, next generation technology. So, when you invest in Pulse Fibre, you know that your properties will have connectivity that is future-proofed.

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