PriceHubble acquires Dataloft to accelerate UK growth

Global property data and technology business PriceHubble acquires Dataloft to accelerate its growth in the UK.

Sandra Jones, Managing Director at Dataloft and Dr Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman at PriceHubble | BTR News
Sandra Jones, Managing Director at Dataloft and Dr Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman at PriceHubble.

PriceHubble, the global property data and technology business, has acquired Dataloft, a leading UK residential property market intelligence company. This marks PriceHubble’s fifth acquisition to date and represents a significant milestone in its global growth strategy following a launch in the UK market last autumn, building on the success in Europe and Asian markets.  

The acquisition comes at a time when the UK housing market is showing signs of stabilising after a recent period of uncertainty but continues to be firmly in the spotlight.  

For the Build to Rent sector, the acquisition creates the potential for extending the coverage of Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (DRMA). 

As part of the acquisition, Dataloft will continue to operate as a separate legal entity in the UK, leveraging its well-established brand and maintaining its customer relationships, while gaining access to PriceHubble’s technology and Europe-wide data resources, under the ongoing leadership of Sandra Jones. Further integration into the PriceHubble Group is planned for the coming year. 

“PriceHubble is one of Europe’s fastest growing data science proptechs. We share a product and customer vision and benefit from the acquisition in several respects. In addition to PriceHubble’s international reach and global strategy, we also gain access to sophisticated market and data technologies and reach new customer segments, particularly in the financial services sector, as well as pan-European market coverage. We will also benefit from access to the largest data science and tech team in Europe focused on residential real estate.”

Sandra Jones, Managing Director, Dataloft

Dataloft is a specialist residential market intelligence company, leveraging advanced analytics and geo-spatial techniques to visualise and report on market trends. Through its online platform – Dataloft Inform – it translates millions of data points into trends, insights, and visualisations on local, regional and national housing markets. Dataloft also offers the most comprehensive source of achieved rents and renter demographics in the UK through its Dataloft Rental Market Analytics (DRMA) platform.  

“The UK, Europe’s largest real estate and banking market, is strategically important to us. With the acquisition of Dataloft, we gain an exciting business with deep rooted market expertise in the UK and are very excited to welcome to the PriceHubble family, a team of very professional and highly experienced housing market experts, who know the UK market inside-out.”

Dr Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman, PriceHubble

Founded in the UK in 2009, Dataloft has established itself as a trusted partner to some of the country’s best-known names in real estate. The company provides data-driven interpretation and robust evidence for residential decision-making, based on deep understanding of housing market economics. 

With its extensive market experience, PriceHubble remains focussed on partnering with UK banks, wealth managers, real estate agents, mortgage brokers, IFAs and fintechs, to deliver property insights that can be digitally embedded into their customer journey, transforming engagement and overall business performance. 

“In the turbulent markets of today, our customers demand accurate, next generation data products more than ever to support their business development and deliver a new level of customer experience. This makes Dataloft and PriceHubble even more attractive partners for the UK’s real estate and banking industry.” Dr Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman, PriceHubble

Dr Stefan Heitmann, Founder and Executive Chairman, PriceHubble