Portico and Spike Global partnership create Heartbeat employee engagement app

Portico and Spike Global partnership creates Heartbeat, a staff portal designed to connect employees across the country and enhance wellbeing.

Spike Workplace software to create the Heartbeat app - Portico | Spike Global | BTR News

Professional services company – Portico – has partnered with proptech company – Spike Global – to create Heartbeat, an employee engagement app which recently won a 2021 Employee Experience Award, celebrating the organisations, people, and initiatives that serve to improve the working environment. The app was commended for its positive impact on staff wellbeing and culture. Aimed at the business, residential and property sectors, Portico manages, mobilises and enhances guest services across the UK & Ireland. 

Portico has seen a significant increase in employee satisfaction and engagement in the past eight months since implementing award-winning software to support remote and furloughed staff. With plans still on hold for a mass return to the workplace for many companies, technology brings employees together – keeping them connected and allowing a more flexible working landscape.

Spike Workplace was the software chosen to create Heartbeat, a staff portal tailored to Portico’s specific needs and objectives and designed to connect its employees located throughout the UK and Ireland. The app streamlines working practices and also promotes a connected staff culture, particularly during the pandemic while 70% of its 800 employees were on furlough.

“Meaningful technology that keeps people connected has come into its own during the pandemic. With many employees working remotely or furloughed, we work with companies to ensure they are at the forefront of communications with their staff and that employee wellbeing is prioritised. We are immensely proud of the [Heartbeat] app we have delivered with Portico, and its success at the recent Employee Engagement Awards is testament to this.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO, Spike Global 
Portico Heartbeat employee engagement app - Spike GLobal | BTR News
Portico Heartbeat employee engagement app.

Prior to the pandemic, Portico would regularly engage and connect with staff at social events, during company forums, via team meetings and team talks, and using email to share information, updates and news. Within days of lockdown many had no way to connect with their colleagues without access to their work platforms.

As lockdowns continued, temporary measures were implemented to drive engagement, but the company believed a longer-term solution was needed to build on the new remote community culture whilst also delivering additional value to staff and the business. Portico’s strategic aim was to enhance its community ethos with the ability for people to talk to one another and form meaningful connections despite many being unable to access their regular email platform. 

Portico worked closely with Spike Global’s dedicated team to create the Heartbeat white-labelled application,. Heartbeat offers an array of functions such as promoting social groups and company forums, sharing information about company events, and providing key announcements and news.

“We take a people-first approach to business, and engagement in our brand and our values are fundamental to our success. In our experience, having an engaged workforce positively impacts teamwork, pride and personal ownership. We worked with Spike Global to ensure our teams felt connected to Portico on a personal level, to create meaningful relationships with their colleagues and to live our values every day. Since the launch we have had excellent feedback from our staff members and real engagement in the forums and social groups, which we have created on the platform.”

Amanda Kay, Director, Business Development, Portico

Since implementing the Heartbeat app, 75% of staff are now using the platform, with 50% connecting at least once a day. Portico’s recent pandemic survey showed that 98% of staff said Portico employed effective communications systems for keeping staff connected and informed, while 95% said that the company’s communication channels and tools are engaging. 

“Build to Rent operators are using our technology to help bridge the gap between the tenant and the building manager. We strive to understand the shift in how staff and tenants interact with each other and we see these relationships being far more connected in the future. Ultimately, our software improves efficiencies for the business as well as the resident. Tenants can build their networks and have access to services, forums and booking platforms, while operators can keep communication lines and building management services running smoothly, allowing everything to be managed in one, easy to access place.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO, Spike Global