Placefirst launched public consultation for Farringdon Row BTR

The local community was invited to help shape proposals for Placefirst's Farringdon Row at an event on 8 July at Sunderland City Hall.

Placefirst have been listening to the public's views, in partnership with Sunderland City Council, on the plans for its Farringdon Row neighbourhood | BTR News
Placefirst have been listening to the public's views, in partnership with Sunderland City Council, on the plans for its Farringdon Row neighbourhood.

Single-family rental developer-operator Placefirst has announced a first Community Consultation on the plans for its 165-home Farringdon Row neighbourhood in Sunderland.

The consultation follows Placefirst’s appointment by Sunderland City Council in 2023 as the Preferred Developer for the delivery of residential development at Farringdon Row, as part of its Riverside Sunderland Masterplan which aims to deliver 1,000 homes for a new community of 2,500 people.

The proposed scheme will deliver 165 homes, including one- and two-bedroom apartments and two, three-, and four-bedroom houses, featuring a mix of both private and communal gardens.

“Placefirst are delighted to be working with Sunderland City Council to develop the second new neighbourhood that forms part of Sunderland’s transformative Riverside Masterplan. At Placefirst, we ensure that our developments are people-focused – with every decision made with the specific needs and desires of local communities in mind.

“We look forward to welcoming the residents of Farringdon Row to join us on the 8 July to discuss and feedback on our plans for the site and look forward to continuing to work closely with the City Council to deliver homes for Sunderland.” 

Alun Davies, Head of Planning, Placefirst

The new Build to Rent scheme will be set within a network of open spaces with excellent connectivity to the Riverside Sunderland Community, and the adjacent Riverside Park. 

Placefirst has worked closely with local architects IDP and development consultants Identity Consult to develop plans to support Sunderland City Council’s ambition to increase and diversify the area’s housing offer. 

“Riverside Sunderland is a transforming and high-quality accommodation is at the heart of our plan to create a stunning new city centre destination – a world-class place to live, work and play. 

“Placefirst have a track record of delivery and we’re pleased to see them moving forward with their plans for Farringdon Row, seeking to engage with the local community as they shape them.”

Peter McIntyre, Executive Director of City Development, Sunderland City Council

As the second residential neighbourhood within the transformative Riverside Sunderland masterplan, Farringdon Row will be a flagship development within the city’s regeneration programme, delivering a sustainable community with views of the River Wear and Riverside Park.