One Silk Street completed with modern brickwork finish

One Silk Street, a Manchester based co-living development, has received a sleek brickwork finish by IG Masonry Support.

One Silk Street has received a sleek brickwork finish by IG Masonry Support | BTR News
One Silk Street has received a sleek brickwork finish by IG Masonry Support.

The 75 apartment co-living scheme One Silk Street has been brought to life by masonry company IG Masonry Support.

They were required to design a bespoke range of individually-sized stainless-steel masonry support systems as the brick components of the building varied in length and soffit templates had not been designed.

Featuring one-to-three-bedroom apartments, three floors of Colony flexible workspace and 300,000ft2 serviced office spaces, One Silk Street required a sleek and modern update that provides luxury to residents while maintaining the proud industrial history that Manchester is known for.

During the design process of the co-living scheme, IG Masonry Support were required to supply a high volume of deep soffit panels for the development.

These included the building’s outskirts, a roof area transitioning to a car park, and each window throughout the development, which created challenges the company found creative ways to overcome.

Due to the timescales given with the project and without access to drawings that outlined where bricks were located on the building, the company needed to ensure horizontal and vertical coursing calculations were as accurate as possible for its masonry support provision.  

Outside One Silk Street, Manchester.

The interchangeable window heads integral to IG Masonry Support’s innovative mechanically-fixed brick slip soffit system, B.O.S.S +, were crucial to overcoming issues presented by the two-way design challenges of the brickwork’s corbelled pattern.

This replaceable capability was not only essential to meeting the architect’s aesthetic ambition for the brickwork, but the ease with which the window heads were swapped allowed the installing contractor to complete this element of the project quickly and efficiently. 

IG Masonry Support’s manufacturing expertise enabled the delivery of a safe, secure ramp area in the One Silk Street development.

The company supplied a range of additional bracketry in order to affix the large brick soffits situated above the ramp area, with the support structure varying in places.

Due to the sheer volume and range of brick soffit systems required, 60 were designed for the One Silk Street scheme’s car park entrance’s roof alone.

Residents at One Silk Street have breath-taking views of The Pennines, and can enjoy the expertly crafted design of the building paired with the comfort of modern industrial-mill style living.