Node adopts Lavanda to roll out flex living

Global residential developer Node adopts Lavanda's property management system (PMS) to roll out flex living across Spain.

Node's Partner and Global Managing Director Esteve Almirall. The company has adopted Lavanda's platform to roll out flex living in Spain | BTR News
Node's Partner and Global Managing Director Esteve Almirall. The company has adopted Lavanda's platform to roll out flex living in Spain.

Global residential developer and operator Node has adopted the award-winning technology platform for real estate – Lavanda – to roll out flex living in Spain. The technology platform will enhance the company’s operations across the country.

Node has a vision is to create a network of buildings and communities across the world that caters to the growing consumer demand for a range of lease options. Assisting the company to achieve this vision, Node has replaced its legacy property management system (PMS) with Lavanda’s software platform, allowing it to flex its lettings model and accommodate different customer profiles seeking a variety of lease terms.

“We are delighted to add a recognised industry pioneer like Node to the Lavanda platform. Node is in so many ways a perfect case study of how leading residential developers and operators are now rapidly evolving to really understand and embrace flexibility, and the key role it plays in enabling them to innovate highly differentiated, customer-centric living experiences. The company’s community ambition, its digital aspirations and its adoption of a flexible rental strategy all make for a perfect fit with Lavanda PMS and our future product roadmap. We look forward to being a supportive technology partner that enables Node to unlock the full potential of its business model.”

Fred Lerche-Lerchenborg, CEO, Lavanda

Lavanda’s platform enables owners and operators of apartment portfolios to reimagine their customer experience and optimise asset performance with fully flexible renting. Lavanda’s customer-focused PMS will allow Node to offer a personalised service to a new generation of residents, who value adaptability and flexibility over being tied to long-term contracts.

Node can now offer a mixed strategy in the same building of short, medium, and long-term stays, allowing the company to diversify its assets and adapt them to fluctuations in demand. 

“As the number of people moving around the world increases, Node’s vision is focused on creating a network of buildings and communities around the globe to meet the growing demand from these types of consumers. We want our customers to feel at home, no matter how long or short their stay, to live and share experiences, and to connect them with the destination they’re staying in. To do this, we needed to partner with a technology platform like Lavanda, a company that understands this new type of resident, their tastes and needs.”

Esteve Almirall, Partner and Global Managing Director (MD), Node

Node started in 2016, pioneering the concept of curated living with next generation, high density, and flexible urban rental communities. The company currently has a portfolio of almost 6,000 units, with a further 27 projects under development across the world.