New proptech platform aims to simplify lease-up process

A new proptech platform aims to drive occupancy rates and speed up the leasing process by enabling Build to Rent staff to generate contracts after viewings.

Vantage Point Build to Rent, Essential Living - Ringley | BTR News
Vantage Point. Image credit: Essential Living

The new proptech platform – PlanetRent – enables front-of-house staff in Build to Rent developments to create fully compliant contracts on the spot after viewings, in minutes. Contracts can be offered deposit-free thanks to a tie-up with Reposit – and with a standardised pet-friendly clause. The platform empowers staff to draw up legally watertight tenancy agreements, helping to speed up the leasing process and boost occupancy rates without cutting rents. 

“By speeding up and streamlining processes around leasing, contracting, compliance and management, admin tasks that take hours can be done in minutes. Meanwhile, every legal box can be ticked ensuring that governance, customer service and cost efficiency can all be prioritised at once without being compromised.”

Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director, Ringley and Creator of PlanetRent 

The standardised lettings journey helps Build to Rent landlords manage multiple agents more effectively and enables them to gain better insights into assets’ performance, by assisting in delivering consistently designed customer experiences – including lease-up, renewals, repairs, customer satisfaction ratings and move-outs. 

The launch of the proptech platform also supports Build to Rent investors and large-scale corporate landlords backing the sector through faster lease-up rates and better insight into the performance of their portfolios. Developed in-house by property consultancy, Ringley, PlanetRent reduces the need for multiple software packages and it’s able to integrate with existing accounting software or act as an outsourced accountant, saving on cost, time and hassle.

PlanetRent was designed with the fast-growing Build to Rent industry in mind. The proptech platform can also be integrated into the recently launched Busy Living platform, which can be white-labelled by operators to help investors better commercialise and monetise the amenity space in their buildings. 

“Service will be the key differentiator in Build to Rent and investors and operators who take a tech-savvy approach will be the ones who ultimately benefit through improved lease-up rates, occupancy levels and resident satisfaction.”

Mary-Anne Bowring, Group Managing Director, Ringley and Creator of PlanetRent