New community park to open at Coppermaker Square BTR

Unibail-Rodamco Westfield is set to open a new community park at their Coppermaker Square Build to Rent scheme.

Indicative image of the new Coppermaker Square Park public green space | BTR News
Indicative image of the new Coppermaker Square Park public green space. Image credit: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield is set to unveil a new 25,000 sq ft public park on Friday 15 December 2023. Set in the heart of the company’s Coppermaker Square Build to Rent scheme in East London, minutes from Stratford tube station, the park will offer a vibrant green space for residents and the broader community to enjoy.

Transforming an underutilised space into an open-style park, the new open space boasts a landscaped grass area designed for socialising, relaxation, exercise and a connection with nature. The park also offers new play equipment, making it an ideal destination for families.

In spring 2024, a comprehensive community program will also be scheduled to operate year-round, open to both Coppermaker Square residents and visitors.

“At the core of our efforts lies a deep commitment to people and we are delighted to introduce this new park. The space is not only for Coppermaker Square residents, but also for the broader Newham community, aligning with the Council’s enduring vision for a greener, happier, healthier and more active borough.

“We understand the pivotal role green spaces play as essential community hubs and eagerly anticipate nurturing and activating this area for years to come. As the community at Coppermaker Square flourishes, so too will the vibrancy of this space in shaping a thriving future.”

Penny Cameron, Head of Development UK, Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield
Indicative image of the new public green space | BTR News
Indicative image of the new public green space. Image credit: Unibail-Rodamco-Westfield.

Alongside the launch of the Coppermaker Square Park, six female London artists – Kate Cater, Gemma Geraghty, Charlotte Robinson, Ana Curbelo, Chloe Isteed and Shio – have each contributed to a large scale outdoor public artwork curated by Laura Nevill.

Running alongside the perimeter of the square, the artwork – which will be unveiled during the launch of the park – provides the artists with the opportunity to showcase their work and share it with the community.

“It is an incredible feeling to be able to give these artists such a large platform to showcase their work and reach such a large audience, whilst also giving the people of London a feast for the eyes and soul. Each work in the piece is inspired by wellness and opening up conversations around mental health, which is fitting the importance of parks such as this in contributing to this. We hope it encourages residents and passers-by to use the garden space and take a moment to stop and reflect in nature.”

Laura Nevill, Curator and Artist

With new research by the Fields in Trust revealing that over eight million households currently lack access to green space or nature within a 15-minute walk, the opening of this new park is vital to improving air quality and boosting biodiversity net gains across the borough. Green spaces are also strongly linked to many health benefits including both physical and mental wellbeing.