Moda & MYNDUP partnership offers residents mental health support

Moda Living has teamed up with MYNDUP to offer its residents mental health support as the UK’s latest lockdown ensues.

Adam Ellis art in gym designed for wellness - MYNDUP | Moda Living | BTR News

Moda Living has announced a partnership with health-tech company MYNDUP – to offer residents across its £2.5bn portfolio of Next Generation Neighbourhoods access to mental health support during the lockdown and beyond.  The partnership has been deployed initially at the 466-home, Moda Angel Gardens, the flagship of Moda Living’s portfolio – funded by investment partner Apache Capital.

This is the latest of a suite of innovative partnerships – which include heroCanopy, Selfridges and Utopi – rolled out by the intergenerational housing brand to ensure its residents’ health and wellbeing always remains at the forefront.  

“The health and wellbeing of our residents has always been a core focus – we want to provide the happiest, healthiest and socially connected neighbourhoods in the UK. We are seeing it reported that lockdown is having a major impact on mental health, but even seeking help can feel overwhelming. 

“We want to ensure residents don’t feel isolated and can seek comfort from the sense of community that is intrinsically part of our business model. Our partnership with MYNDUP turns the stressful process of researching the right practitioner into a few clicks. Moda residents can take advantage of live, virtual 1-1 sessions across the mental health spectrum, all subsidized by us.”  

Oscar Brooks, Director of Brand, Moda Living

MYNDUP founder – Joel Gujral – launched MYNDUP in February 2020 following his own battle with mental health after an undiagnosed illness. After months looking for the right practitioner to help him heal, he came to understand that everyone has different needs when it comes to combatting mental health concerns, and a ‘one size fits all’ approach wasn’t going to cut it.  

The wider effects of mental health from Covid-19 are yet been fully addressed, however clinical anxiety increased by over 30% in February and March this year (MHA, 2020), and experts anticipate continued adverse effects globally, including heightened stress and anxiety, isolation and loneliness, blurring boundaries of life and work, restricted access to medical support and uncertainty around the future.  

“We are delighted to share MYNDUP with Moda’s residents and are confident that whatever they are battling, we can help. Our three-step solution is incredibly simple and involves telling MYNDUP how you’re feeling, choosing a time and practitioner, and beginning your session via secure, encrypted video. By removing the barriers to mental health and offering a range of tailored solutions, we hope to benefit thousands of people living in Moda Neighbourhoods who need some extra support.” 

Joel Gujral, CEO and Founder, MYNDUP

MYNDUP promises to keep the mind healthy with therapy, career coaching, life coaching, meditation, mindfulness, and counselling, via its network of world-renowned professional practitioners, who are experts in their fields and qualified to the highest level.  

Each practitioner has undertaken a strict four-stage vetting process and has an individual expertise in areas ranging from career and goal setting, to stress and anxiety, depression, and loneliness, right through to relationships, bereavement, and trauma.   

“I have often been skeptical of the benefits of life coaching and counselling having tried both over the last couple of years. My experience with MYNDUP has totally changed my perspective on this. Further to my sessions, I feel motivated and focused and I now have a clear roadmap to achieve my goals. This has been a truly life-changing experience so far and I look forward to continuing my journey with the help of my incredible coach.” 

Adam Turner, MYNDUP User

Statistics show that 96% of MYNDUP users have reported reduced stress, anxiety and depression and 99% of users have reported a boost in productivity, confidence and motivation. Now Moda residents can choose a time and practitioner to suit their requirements and have a virtual appointment within 12 hours of booking.