Moda launches new service to help residents go green

Moda teams up with Spike Global and Utopi to launch an industry-first service to help residents go green across its Build to Rent neighbourhoods.

Live energy usage data and insights on the MyModa app, provided in a partnership with Spike Global and Utopi | BTR News
Live energy usage data and insights on the MyModa app, provided in a partnership with Spike Global and Utopi.

Moda Living launches a new data-driven proptech platform to help its residents go green. The platform will revolutionise the way residents interact with their energy consumption and sustainable behaviours, helping its communities save money and boosting the sustainability of Moda’s UK-wide portfolio of neighbourhoods in a first for the UK Build to Rent sector. The developer and operator has worked with MyModa app developer Spike Global and ESG technology partner Utopi to design a product that will drive down carbon emissions across its real estate portfolio. It will also give tens of thousands of residents access to live energy usage data around the clock, helping them to go green and reduce the cost of living.

The service forms part of Moda Living’s commitment to embracing new and leading technologies across its operations to support its ESG strategy, Next Generation Futures, and to help residents live their happiest, healthiest lives.

“We are extremely proud to be the first Build to Rent operator in the UK to roll out this crucial technology to our residents and neighbourhoods.

“As a long-term operator of our developments across the UK, we have a responsibility to our people and our planet to run our UK-wide portfolio as efficiently as possible. We are also dedicated to protecting and enhancing the wellbeing of the teams and residents that live, work and play in our rental communities. This new tie up with Spike and Utopi adds a new level to this, enabling us to communicate transparently about our green performance and help them keep energy costs down as the cost of living soars across the country.” 

Dan Brooks, Director, Moda Living

Moda Living neighbourhoods are equipped with Utopi smart sensors throughout homes and amenity spaces. Sensors monitor environmental factors such as air quality, temperature and energy usage. In the last six months, these sensors have captured over 105 million data points at Moda Living sites. With a pipeline of over 18,400 new rental homes, the new service will eventually be capturing 18.7 million data points every day across its portfolio.

For the first time, the service will put this data in the hands of Moda Living’s residents, giving them live readings from the sensors throughout their building, providing them with a range of new benefits to help them go green.

With residents increasingly conscious of their environmental impact, the service will allow them to monitor their carbon emissions, ranking them within their neighbourhood, helping to change behaviours and supporting residents to play their part in the journey to Net Zero Carbon.

The pioneering approach will connect Moda Living residents to their building by providing them with data insights into how their homes and amenity spaces are performing. The platform will also provide residents with personalised hints and tips they can use to make small changes that will have a big impact on their utility spend. In the midst of the UK’s cost of living crisis, the new technology will help protect residents from rising energy costs, so they can feel in control of their spending, contributing to overall wellbeing.

“We have been very keen to get the building data we collect into the hands of the residents for a while, we know it has a major impact on a building’s sustainability performance, as the residents are the ones in control of their consumption. We’re thrilled to be rolling our tie up with Spike Global out for the first time with Moda Living – a business dedicated to sustainability and wellbeing in that will champion the benefits our new service provides both the business and its residents.”

Ben Roberts, Co-Founder & CMO, Utopi

Operating teams at Moda Living neighbourhoods will also use the new tech to incentivise energy efficient behaviour through events and competitions, boosting overall sustainability whilst engaging with residents on an issue that matters to them.

Moda will also be able to use the data from the Spike Global and Utopi partnership to set its own targets for reduction in consumption and spot anomalies. For example, residents with poor energy scores will be identified and offered advice and support to reduce their costs.

“Our clients are increasingly concerned about the climate emergency and not only need to understand their building’s performance but want to use that information to actively engage and encourage residents to reduce their CO2 output and energy consumption. By partnering with Utopi and rolling this service out with Moda, we will be able to make this information readily available via our Spike Living portal, encouraging everyone to make a positive change.”

Jeremy Heath-Smith, CEO, Spike Global