Meet AGC BTR Associate, Tori Mitchell

Meet AGC BTR Associate, Tori Mitchell who uncovers her style icons, travel locations and the latest news from the company.

Tori Mitchell, Associate, AGC BTR | BTR News
Tori Mitchell, Associate, AGC BTR.

Continuing our blog series, we are excited to introduce Tori to the team as she uncovers her style icons, favourite travel locations and the latest news from AGC BTR.


We are excited to welcome our new Associate, Tori Mitchell. Bringing with her a wealth of experience, Tori recently moved from an international design house, working with high-net worth clients within the design and build sector for residential projects. Not only that, Tori also has vast experience within project management and consultancy for prime residential property in Central London.

What building inspires you? 

I admire any historic building which has been adapted for reuse. I was invited to stay in a converted St John’s Ambulance Station in Rye a while ago, and the addition of modern glass against the exposed bricks and textured materials was so pleasing on the eye. You also can’t forget how impressive London architecture is. Remembering to look up when walking around fills you with a sense of admiration and respect for architects and designers who were doing this many, many years ago.

The one artist whose work you would collect if you could?

I’m drawn to bold and colourful artwork, but one artist that’s stuck with me is Michael Zavros. After seeing his Phoenix and Mock Orange oil paintings in an exhibition, I fell in love with the detail and reality that he is able to paint. Truly an incredible talent and impressive to see up close.

Mock Orange oil paintings by artist Michael Zavros - AGC BTR | BTR News
Mock Orange oil paintings by artist Michael Zavros.

Your style icon? 

I would adore walking into Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe every morning. She wears her style with such elegance and confidence and manages to pull off the wildest and most wonderful outfits.

A recent podcast discovery? 

My go-to tends to be Dr Rangan Chatterjee’s Feel Better Live More. I end up getting hooked on the current topic, obsess, and try to learn everything there is to know before moving on to the next.

A recent sustainable brand discovery? 

I try to avoid buying new where possible, definitely not an easy challenge, but when you find something you love in excellent pre-owned condition, it’s deeply satisfying. A new favourite of mine is Endless Wardrobe, although they sell new clothes, their model encourages the circular economy by offering nearly-new and rental options.

A place you can’t wait to go back to and why?

I visited Mallorca recently, hiring a convertible Fiat 500, and after scouting out some stunning beaches, our top spot was Port de Soller. After swerving down breath taking mountain roads and local Mallorca villages, you end up in a beautiful seaside town. I spent the day swimming in the crystal-clear water, then strolling to a nearby waterfront restaurant for a sangria at sundown overlooking the marina, interrupted only by the hustle of a local tram. I love discovering what Europe has to offer!

Port de Soller, Mallorca - AGC BTR | BTR News
Port de Soller, Mallorca.

Best advice you’ve been given?

It’s a favourite quote of mine; “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Sometimes we all need reminding.

What can we look forward to from AGC BTR this year?

After a successful year in 2021, winning various awards for our stunning Canary Wharf project, we’re excited about the year ahead. With an already promising start to 2022, we consider the next 12 months to be a crucial opportunity to stand out against growing competition in the rapidly evolving Build to Rent market. In line with the growing pressure on the global climate crisis, it comes as no surprise that we are prioritising our efforts internally on sustainability and focussing on how we can improve ESG credentials for clients. Watch this space for some exciting ideas which will pave the way for future Build to Rent furniture design!

In our previous blog, we share the latest responsibility steps for AGC BTR. Check it out to see how Tori and the team are working on a more sustainable approach to our Build to Rent schemes, which in turn, will show investors and developers how design can be sustainable; with a solution to strengthening their ESG credentials at such a critical time.

The team are here to help provide you with more information about our latest Build to Rent offering and more, get in touch directly with our Build to Rent team at or call +44 (0)20 3651 3325.