Love to Rent champions BTR sector with the Build to Rent Awards 2023

In a successful night at the Build to Rent Awards 2023, Love to Rent announced and celebrated the industry winners of its award categories.

All the winners at Love to Rent's Build to Rent Awards 2023 | BTR News
All the winners at Love to Rent's Build to Rent Awards 2023.

Held on Friday 3 November 2023, Love to Rent hosted its inaugural Build to Rent Awards, an event that recognised and celebrated excellence in the Build to Rent sector. The successful awards ceremony that was judged by an independent panel of industry experts was held at The Londoner, to honour the professionalism and customer-centred approach that the industry has demonstrated.

Love to Rent’s first awards brought together professionals from across the whole industry. It acknowledged the efforts and achievements of those in Build to Rent, working to give customers increased choices when it comes to finding a new home.

In addition to acknowledging excellence within the industry, the awards aimed to strengthen customer awareness of the lifestyle benefits and choices available when looking for a new rental home – reflecting the company’s overall vision and ethos.

The award categories covered a wide range of criteria including social value impact, sustainability, interior design, marketing, technology, management and supplier. Highlighting the significant contributions of developers, operators, and service providers to the evolving landscape of rental housing, the awards underscore how Build to Rent can address the challenges facing housing markets worldwide – such as housing shortages and evolving renter preferences. 

The first Love to Rent – Build to Rent Awards rewarded outstanding contributions to the sector and encouraged further growth and innovation.

“These awards are focussed specifically for the Build to Rent market and the great organisations that work together to ensure that the customer experience throughout their journey is best in sector. The number of entries and attendance at the awards ceremony is a true reflection of the need for such awards. They have been developed to give the opportunity to celebrate the hard work that is put into making some amazing communities and a much-needed alternative to the existing rental stock. We wanted to find a way of letting our customers know who are the industry ‘Winners’, provide them with more confidence and make them more aware of the great homes available. It is wonderful to give those working in the sector the opportunity to be rewarded for the immense hard work that we know goes into every new development.”

Anne-Marie Brown, Founder and Director, Love to Rent

Who won what?

Social Value Impact in Build to Rent

Highly commended: Touchstone
Winner: Simple Life Care of Sigma Capital Group

Build to Rent Sustainability Award

Highly commended: Quintain Living
Highly commended: HUB

The Best Build to Rent Interior Design Award

Highly commended: Suna Interior Design
Winner: Folio London and Base Furnishings

The Best Marketing Campaign

Winner: Coppermaker Square

The Best Use of Technology in Build to Rent

Winner: Inventory Hive

Best Build to Rent Building Management

Winner: Touchstone

The Best Supplier to the Build to Rent Industry

Highly commended: Pantree
Winner: The Safety Letterbox Company Ltd

The Best Build to Rent Single Family Home

Winner: Simple Life Care of Sigma Capital Group

The Best Build to Rent Development (North)

Winner: Allsop Lettings and Management – The Keel, Liverpool

The Best Build to Rent Development (South)

Winner: Winvic Construction – The Almere, Milton Keynes

The Best Build to Rent Development (London)

Highly commended: Populo Living – The Didsbury, East London
Winner: Quintain Living – Repton Gardens, Wembley

Build to Rent Partnership Award

Highly commended: Folio London & Bow Arts
Winner: Redwing, Warrington Housing Association, Incrementum

Best Build to Rent Developer

Winner: Quintain Living