LIVING BY ALFA wins international Coliving award

New Danish living concept LIVING BY ALFA named Best Emerging Coliving Concept at the international Coliving Awards.

ALFA Development's LIVING BY ALFA co-living development in IrmaByen | BTR News
ALFA Development's LIVING BY ALFA co-living development in IrmaByen, Denmark.

New Danish living concept LIVING BY ALFA was named the Best Emerging Coliving Concept at the international Coliving Awards, which was held in Katowice, Poland as part of the World Urban Forum. The company behind the concept – ALFA Development – is a Danish, privately owned real estate company with expertise in developing large-scale urban areas, as well as in the conversion and renovation of existing buildings. ALFA Development’s CEO, Andreea Kaiser, has spearheaded the development of the concept and received the award on behalf of the company. Established in Sweden, ALFA Development is expanding into the UK as the company sees potential for the co-living concept.

Held on an annual basis, the Coliving Awards nominate the most thoughtful and innovative initiatives in the co-living sector. The second edition of the award ceremony took place as part of UN-Habitat’s 11th edition of the Word Urban Forum. Prior to the award ceremony, LIVING BY ALFA was a clear favourite in the public poll on LinkedIn with 44 % of the votes. At the ceremony, the professional jury chose the company as the Best Emerging Coliving Concept.

LIVING BY ALFA common room - ALFA Development | BTR News
LIVING BY ALFA common room.

The LIVING BY ALFA concept is inspired by other successful communities and concepts from around the world, and is formed as a collaboration between the real estate and hospitality industries. The concept is based on the core ideas of the sharing economy, community building across generations, convenience, social responsibility and environmental sustainability.

LIVING BY ALFA is currently under construction in Denmark – and is the first of many across Northern Europe. The co-living scheme is currently being let in IrmaByen, close to Copenhagen, and the first tenants are to be welcomed in January 2023.  

Orangery afternoon blue hour at the LIVING BY ALFA co-living scheme in Denmark - ALFA Development | BTR News
Orangery afternoon blue hour at the LIVING BY ALFA co-living scheme in Denmark.

LIVING BY ALFA will deliver 101 new homes that appeal to young families, singles and young professionals, as well as 62 homes for active 55 years+ tenants. The Clubhouse – the central heart of the living environment – includes a lobby, lounge environment, home cinema, playroom for children, orangery, common event room with kitchen for larger events, rooms for guests, and a Community Team to facilitate the community and its many services. An app has also been developed to connect residents, the Community Team and the local area. The app enables residents to find out about the latest news in LIVING BY ALFA and the neighbouring area, communicate with other residents, book services and sign up for local activities and events.

“LIVING BY ALFA is the result of many years of research across departments within our company and in close collaboration with our partners. Together, we have continuously been learning how we can best meet the needs of our customers. The amenity spaces, range of services, activities and operations are designed to improve our tenants’ quality of life. 

“As we roll out LIVING BY ALFA across Denmark, Sweden and the UK, our drive is to constantly be at the forefront of innovation within the co-living sector. This means looking at and reacting to megatrends such as shifts in demographics, changing family structured, urbanisation/suburbanisation, downsizing and the growth of the Build to Rent sector. 

“We are very proud of and thankful for this recognition from the Coliving Awards and for all the people who voted for us – a symbol that tells us we are on the right track.” 

Andreea Kaiser, Group CEO, ALFA Development