L&G ensure high speed digital connectivity across residential and commercial properties

Legal & General announces its commitment to WiredScore digital connectivity for residential and commercial spaces, with a Build to Rent scheme receiving the highest certification.

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Legal & General announces it has committed 2 million sq ft of its commercial real estate portfolio and over 1,000 residential homes to WiredScore certification – an international digital connectivity rating scheme. It evidences the speed and reliability of a building’s digital connectivity. 

Legal & General was awarded a WiredScore Gold certification for its Blackhorse Mills Build to Rent scheme in Walthamstow. The certification is the highest ever granted for digital connectivity on a residential building. In the last three months, they’ve also received certification for a number of commercial buildings.

“In order to optimise lettings and retain occupiers, real estate owners must meet – and exceed – occupiers’ expectations of what a building can offer. The solution to connectivity no longer sits solely between the occupier and their internet service provider.

“Digital connectivity, coupled with a commitment to deliver an environment that enhances occupier wellbeing, is likely to drive future demand for space, over and above more traditional requirements of location and square footage.”

Bill Hughes, Head of LGIM Real Assets

With changes posed by Covid-19, causing a shift in working environments, many people now work from home and expect more from their office space. Legal & General has acted on the importance of high-speed and reliable digital connectivity – seeing it as one of the most important factors for occupiers searching for a new residential or office space. For forward thinking residential landlords, digital infrastructure will be fundamental in futureproofing their portfolio.

Digital infrastructure – the importance of digital connectivity

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a shift in working environments, so the demand for premium digital connectivity has increased. People have moved to remote working, home schooling and video streaming – both for work and entertainment.

Satya Nadella, CEO of Microsoft recently announced that they’ve seen two years’ worth of digital transformation in just the two months to May. BT also reported an increase of 82% in daytime traffic across its Openreach network in March, showing a significant rise in UK broadband traffic.

“Seeing the coming together of physical and digital worlds, we invested in WiredScore in 2018.

“With the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we recognised the importance to society of being able to measure and thus enable better digital connectivity, thereby supporting the needs of Future Cities – a requirement that is expected to become more relevant than ever as the UK comes out of lockdown.”

Matteo Colombo, Strategic Capital Investment Director, Legal & General Capital