Lendlease announces CEO Europe promotion

With the former CEO due to retire this year, globally integrated real estate group Lendlease announces the appointment of a new CEO Europe. 

Andrea Ruckstuhl, CEO Europe, Lendlease | BTR News
Andrea Ruckstuhl, CEO Europe, Lendlease.

Lendlease announces the appointment and promotion of Andrea Ruckstuhl as the company’s new CEO Europe. 

Previously Head of Italy and Continental Europe for Lendlease, Global Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Tony Lombardo, made the announcement that Andrea has been promoted to CEO Europe.

“Throughout my time with Lendlease, I’ve been hugely inspired by the incredible talent, commitment to our customers and partnership mindset that permeates every corner of the company. I’m humbled and excited by the opportunity to lead Lendlease’s European team into the future, not just as a leader in delivering exceptional and sustainable places, but to also generate increased customer and security holder returns as we pivot to become an investment-led real estate company.”

Andrea Ruckstuhl, CEO, Lendlease Europe

Earlier in the year, Lendlease announced its former CEO Europe, Neil Martin, would retire by 30 September 2023.

“Having held several leadership roles at Lendlease since 2005, Andrea will continue the significant work underway as we shift to a more agile, investment-led company delivering sustainable results for our security holders. Andrea has been central to Lendlease’s success in Italy. This includes helping us secure Milan’s game-changing MIND precinct with the Italian Government – including bringing on board CPP Investments and project partners – as well as progressing the development of Milano Santa Giulia through the introduction of our capital partner, PSP Investments. Andrea’s new position as CEO Europe will leverage his knowledge, expertise and stakeholder management skills across the entirety of our Europe business. I’m also looking forward to Andrea’s contributions to our Global Leadership Team, which he joins from today. I’d like to thank Neil Martin for his contribution to Lendlease over many years and his commitment to achieving a seamless leadership transition during the coming months.”

Tony Lombardo, Global CEO, Lendlease

Joining the company in 2005, Andrea has over 25 years’ real estate experience – including over 18 years with Lendlease – and has been pivotal in establishing the company as a successful real estate company in Italy across the investments, development and construction segments.