Kosy Living secures planning for Brighton’s first co-living village

Kosy Living has won Brighton’s first co-living village consent - the first of its kind anywhere in the UK.

Kosy Living's Brighton's co-living village | BTR News
Kosy Living's Brighton's co-living village.

With almost seven years in the planning system, Kosy Living has secured planning consent for Brighton’s first co-living village. The planning application was won on appeal on 15 February 2024.

This new Kosy co-living development will be built on the site of the former American Express building, known as Enterprise Point and an eyesore for the immediate area.  The scheme was referred to as Phase two of the Village, with Phase one granted planning permission in July 2020.

The Kosy Village will deliver 269 self contained studios that are typically 24m2 and boast luxurious private shower rooms and kitchenettes. Some studios will also offer private balconies. On average, the two bedroom flats typically have around 6m3 of storage, however Kosy’s market leading studios boast an impressive 9m3 of storage.

The Kosy co-living development also boasts unprecedented outdoor and indoor amenity spaces totalling 16.3m3 per resident, with 8.8m3 of internal amenity space and 7.5m3 of external amenity space per resident. 

Kosy Living co-living developments are viewed as ‘Best in Class’ by leading agents. Each development boasts state-of-the-art amenities including landscaped garden courtyards, a fitness and wellness suite, gaming areas, multimedia/cinema space and multi-functional co-working spaces.

Brighton’s housing market is under considerable strain. With a rising population and insufficient housing supply, Kosy Living’s development will support the seaside town with additional much needed housing. The demographic composition, employment prospects, and the demand in the town for modern rental homes ensures the Kosy Village is a welcome addition to the housing market in Brighton. 

Brighton has the worst graduate retention rate in the UK, with only 23% of its former students choosing to stay in the town for work once they finish their studies. This co-living development will help Brighton to retain talented graduates and young professionals – by providing high quality, affordable rental homes with all bills included. The scheme offers an affordable answer for them when compared to other private renting categories within Brighton.

“This village started its planning journey in 2017, when there were not many developers even thinking of co-living at that time. The village consists of two phases, which has taken seven years in total to achieve planning consent. Changes need to be made urgently if we are to address the housing shortage in the UK, as seven years is absurd. Kosy Living is bringing Watford’s first co-living consent this year for 363 rooms and Bath’s first co-living consent, many more will also be consented this year.”

Paul Brundell CEO, Kosy Living