Juli Living empowers customer journey with Spaceflow

A collaboration between Juli Living and Spaceflow will build a digital bridge between Build to Rent residents and buildings in the operator’s portfolio.

Spaceflow's app for booking amenities which will be available to residents across Juli Living's portfolio | BTR News
Spaceflow's app for booking amenities which will be available to residents across Juli Living's portfolio.

Juli Living, the Build to Rent platform of the urban investor NREP, the largest real estate investment manager in the Nordics, announces a comprehensive collaboration with Spaceflow, introducing Spaceflow’s digital customer experience platform to its +50-asset portfolio in Denmark. The app will build a digital bridge between Juli Living’s customers and buildings, bringing connection to the amenities, services and loyalty living in and around the assets.

Spaceflow’s digital tenant experience solution will enable customers to create a sense of loyalty living and neighbourhood, engage with each other proactively, and participate in the common agenda of customer-centric sustainability that is rooted in NREP’s value proposition.

Spaceflow My Space | BTR News
Spaceflow My Space.

Having started as a pilot project in Denmark in 2021, the collaboration will continue with the launch of the white label Spaceflow app at the UN17 Village Build to Rent development and other properties being rolled out in 2023 and onwards.

“We believe that through the comprehensive product launch with Spaceflow, we will be able to boost our customers’ awareness towards sustainability. Through the app, we will enable customer connectivity, social interactions, accessibility to local partnerships, quick access to key property information and much more. Furthermore, we will use the app to drive climate action together with our customers eg through energy-saving tips and tricks and monetisation on energy consumption via the smart metering function of the app.”

Morten Meincke Nielsen from NREP
Admin section of Spaceflow's app | BTR News
Admin section of Spaceflow’s app.

The goal of the collaboration is to digitise Juli Living’s customer journey, bring a self-service approach to daily building tasks and optimise their customer-facing operations. The solution will allow Juli Living’s customer service team to share general and location-specific information with customers and address demands and requests from a single platform that is fully integrated into Juli Living’s digital infrastructure.

“The Danish property community is heavily focused on innovation and sustainability. NREP is in the forefront of some of the greatest efforts being made for that purpose. The continuation of this established cooperation between NREP and Spaceflow will bring inspiration to the transformation of real estate from a space-to-rent business to a space-as-a-service business.”

Lukas Balik, CEO at Spaceflow

Since launching in 2016, Spaceflow has spread to four continents and is present in 14 countries with a strong footprint in Denmark and Scandinavia.