Interview with the Coliving Ventures Team

Our Co-founder, Nick speaks to the Coliving Ventures team about Coliving Awards and other exciting initiatives.

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BTR News has partnered with Coliving Awards which takes place on Thursday, 6 May. Ahead of the Coliving Awards, our Co-founder, Nick spoke to the Coliving Ventures team to find out more about the awards and other initiatives the company is involved in.

Can you give us some background on the Coliving Awards?

The coliving sector is beginning to shape itself as a solid asset class, so our aim with the Coliving Awards is to foster innovation in the shared living sector, to highlight and celebrate different aspects within coliving, and to inspire the next generation of coliving players by identifying new concepts and disruptive solutions.

The Coliving Awards focuses on defining the sector as an future-proof, scalable and thriving model, and it is the first award ceremony dedicated to highlighting key innovators, actors and ideas that are shaping the coliving industry.  

How are the awards judged and winners selected?

Coliving projects submitted for the Coliving Awards are evaluated by our lead judges, a jury panel composed of industry experts and the wider audience. The lead judge evaluates the category applications and selects the top three to five projects that will be nominated and announced to the wider audience via LinkedIn for votes.

We wanted to make our submission and voting procedures as transparent, fair and democratic as possible. Thus, we created a process that allows for different stakeholders to influence the final vote, including both industry experts and our wider community. The final results are calculated with the lead judge having a 35% ruling, LinkedIn’s audience votes having a 35% ruling, and a 30% ruling by a jury panel consisting of industry experts across the shared living sector.

Winners are announced and awarded during the Coliving Awards ceremony.

What are the future plans for the Coliving Awards?

Our very first edition has been a huge success and it gathered a lot of attention and interest from coliving professionals and companies operating in this domain. We hope to keep growing – and to grow our ecosystem of partners and sponsors, as well receive more and more innovative applications from around the world. Our ultimate aim is to support the consolidation of the coliving sector and help push for impact and innovation amongst current and future shared living ventures. 

What other Coliving Ventures initiatives are there? 

Alongside the Coliving Awards, we also manage Coliving Insights – an innovative research lab dedicated to sharing insights and best practices to the wider shared living ecosystem. Coliving Insights provide state-of-the-art insights to the sector, as well as help to connect thought leaders and industry players who will shape the agenda for the coliving sector.

So far, we have released five editions of Coliving Insights, which has included an analysis and comparison of 28 coliving operators, information about the state and health of the sector during Covid-19, the notion of impact and sustainability in coliving, a wider market overview looking deeper at different development stages involved in creating successful coliving communities, and our most recent edition, ‘Co-Tech: Innovating Co-Living with Technology’. Our next edition, Coliving Insights No.6, will be released in the end of June 2021 and will cover the topic of ‘Fostering thriving communities in shared living’. We are already in touch with really interesting contributors, however we invite emerging players to still contact us if they would like to explore collaborations opportunities. 

Find out more about the Coliving Awards

The first ever awards ceremony dedicated to the coliving sector is taking place on Thursday, 6 May, 5pm to 8pm CET – during the Co-Liv Summit, with over 600 attendees.

Winners will be announced for 11 categories including Building & Architecture, Impact & Sustainability, PropTech & ConTech, Best Coliving Operator of the Year and more. 

Keep a look out for a special edition of Coliving Insights, which will highlight the partners, nominees, jury panel and winners involved in this inspiring first edition of Coliving Awards!

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