Innovative tech supports sustainable renting at Quintain

Quintain Living’s new innovative technology solution supports residents to live more sustainably, while helping its team identify issues.

Bathroom at Quintain Living. The company has built a data reporting tool that supports residents to live more sustainably | BTR News
Bathroom at Quintain Living. The company has built a data reporting tool that supports residents to live more sustainably.

Saving on utilities consumption is more important than ever, with individuals and businesses all needing to play their part. At Quintain Living, it has been a priority for some time – and a Project Manager for the company built a data reporting tool that was shortlisted for the 2022 EG Tech Award. The innovative technology supports residents to live more sustainably by reducing their use of natural resources such as electricity and water.

The Quintain Living tool measures the utilities consumption of every apartment in the company’s Wembley Park portfolio. It automatically reads meters every 15 minutes and sets this data against the unique context of each home, factoring in its size, number of occupants and orientation (to take account of the impact of sunlight and therefore warmth and light, for instance). The tool then delivers a daily report to Quintain Living’s operational team, highlighting any abnormalities and areas for concern. The system can identify issues such as a light left on in a vacant home or excess water consumption that could indicate a leak. The team can then connect with residents to address any issues and get any maintenance tasks sorted.

“We are committed to optimising the consumption of resources in the homes that we manage. Using this pioneering tool, we have proven to reduce the consumption of electricity, hot and cold water and heating across our portfolio. This has had a meaningful impact on unnecessary use of resources, with the added benefit of reducing costs.”

Danielle Bayless, Chief Operating Officer, Quintain Living

So far, the data tool has been helpful for Quintain Living’s on-site maintenance team, highlighting items such as toilet cisterns continually flushing. It often spots maintenance problems before residents are aware of them or before they are reported to the Quintain Living team, so swift corrective action can be taken. It even raised issues for the Resident Team to address in their onboarding process for new renters, like residents not knowing that they can schedule their heating to be set to a lower temperature when they’re away from home. 

Since implementing the technology, Quintain Living has seen a measurable reduction in vacant and occupied utility consumption across its portfolio and for residents looking to live more sustainably, and save money, it’s the ideal solution.

The data tool also has wider implications. As well as supporting a reduction in resource consumption in built and managed apartments, it is being examined in terms of the data it affords the construction phase of future developments at Wembley Park. The hope is that the tool can support Quintain and other developers to build homes that stand the test of time, whilst minimising their impact on the environment.