HomeHero – an app that runs your home

HomeHero, a brand new operating system for the home lets residents use an app to run all services in their home.

HomeHero - an app that runs your home | BTR News

In the wake of a global pandemic and a shift in renter expectations, property managers are looking for an edge, now more than ever. London proptech startup – HomeHero – is building an operating system for the home to help property managers provide exceptional living experiences for residents. 

HomeHero is an app that residents can use to run all the services in their home. We set up our utilities from day one. Your internet is live by the time you enter your new home. Any maintenance or repairs issues? Just log a request in the app. Need anything else – like a deep clean or home insurance? HomeHero has it covered. 

“Residents are no longer only looking for a space to live, they are looking for amenities, convenience, assistance and lifestyle perks. On top of this, residents are looking for simple living, and to alleviate some of the mental burden of running a home.”

Kenny Alegbe, Founder & CEO, HomeHero 

Residents want everything set up quickly in a new home – easy access to their home services and smooth communication with their landlord, from day one. Most importantly, they want to feel at home. 

Property managers want more efficient ways to manage properties, less messaging with their residents, an edge on the competition and happier landlords and residents. 

The key benefits of HomeHero for property managers

Better communication 

The chat centric platform streamlines communications with residents to save time – making it simple and easy for residents to easily manage their homes and access assistance 24/7. The automated chat can triage and diagnose resident communication with HomeHero’s AI assist, from reporting a leaky tap to answering FAQs on your behalf, improving customer service and reducing the team’s workload. 

Increased revenue 

HomeHero creates additional revenue streams, from sign up commission to recurring revenue from our services marketplace. Property managers can earn commission on gas, electric, broadband and event smart meter installs. The longer a property stays with HomeHero, the more you can make each year of the tenancy. This means longer, more profitable tenancies for property managers, and happy, easy living for residents. 

Less hassle and worry 

HomeHero enables property managers to reduce costs and cover all bases. HomeHero covers all utility bills for up to 28 days during a void period, as well as providing £600 worth of Home Emergency cover as standard, to offer peace of mind to landlords. We also protect you from times of uncertainty, with income protection insurance to cover job losses or change of circumstance, as well as 24/7 emergency cover. 

If you’re interested in interviewing our CEO, seeing a demo or hearing more about the platform, email press@homehero.co.uk