Gravity Co works alongside NHS to support overseas medical staff

The NHS is helping medical staff from overseas relocate to the UK by teaming up with flexible-living accommodation providers who play a key role in helping them settle in.  

Gravity Co's Finsbury Park scheme. The company is one of many providing housing to overseas NHS staff | BTR News
Gravity Co's Finsbury Park scheme. The company is one of many providing housing to overseas NHS staff.

Flexible-living brand Gravity Co is one of the companies that have provided housing to medical professionals who have travelled from abroad to work for the NHS.  

The company has provided self-contained studio apartments to the skilled overseas workers that have played a vital role in filling NHS staff shortages.

The British Medical Association calculates that there were 112,498 vacancies in secondary care in England in March this year.

In response, the NHS is actively recruiting doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals from overseas.

“It’s great to be able to support the NHS in providing some of their recruits with a welcoming and fun place to live while they settle into their new life in London. Moving home can be a stressful experience, but even more so when you’re relocating from a different country.  At Gravity Co, our goal is to provide a flexible accommodation option to support corporate relocation from one to 12 months, not just to the NHS, but to organisations everywhere. We include utility bills in monthly rents, offer communal spaces for residents who work from home and host weekly member social events that help those who are new to the city to create a real social network. With plans already in motion to launch Gravity Co in mainland Europe in 2024, we’ll be able to further support our corporate partners outside of London in key European cities such as Madrid, Barcelona, Milan and Paris.” 

Riccardo Tessaro, Co-Founder & CEO, Gravity Co

NHS Trusts are working with accommodation partners to smooth the path of successful recruits – some of whom have never been to the UK before – by helping them find a comfortable and welcoming place to live.  

Many of these workers use Gravity Co as a short-medium term accommodation solution when they first arrive in the UK. 

Physiotherapist Uche Japhet has moved to London from Nigeria and is considering extending his contract with Gravity Co.

“When I was offered the job, the NHS asked me what my greatest challenge would be — I said finding accommodation. They said they would help sort that out and found Gravity for me. It is a lovely place to live, with good facilities. The people here are friendly and always ready to support you. It is a good environment with a good atmosphere.” 

Uche Japhet, Physiotherapist

Occupational Therapist Richa Roy moved to the UK from India in June to take up her first job in the NHS.  She will be joining her husband in a permanent home later this summer with Gravity Co.

“The UK is my dream country to work in and we really wanted to settle here. Staying at Gravity has been great, as we have so many facilities. Some of my NHS colleagues also live here, and this has helped me get to know them on a personal level and make some firm friends. It is only five minutes away from work, so I can easily come back for a break and to have lunch.” 

Richa Roy, Occupational Therapist

Gravity Co is a flexible living and PRS brand focused on community, wellbeing and professional growth.