Glide launches bespoke SFH BTR solution

Glide Group launches its bespoke single-family housing Build to Rent solution - an all-in-one solution for residents and SFH developers and managers.

Glide launches bespoke SFH Build to Rent solution | BTR News

Market-leader in specialist broadband services – Glide Group – announces the launch of its single-family Housing (SFH) Build to Rent solution, a bespoke Infrastructure and managed service solution for single-family housing developers.

As a Build to Rent infrastructure and managed service provider, Glide Group offers a wealth of knowledge and experience with ground-breaking connectivity solutions. Glide took a lead role to design and deliver connectivity in the SFH market in early 2022. The company works closely with developers and operators to give them the flexibility and control they require to support these sites.

“At Glide we understand the importance of providing an efficient, cost-effective fibre backbone capable of meeting the needs of landlords and residents for the long term. We are also conscious of our responsibility to support clients by enabling technologies for monitoring and minimising energy consumption and waste, which can support overall ESG strategy. 

“Our SFH solution has been purposely designed to protect developments against expensive future upgrades, by considering the impact of evolving tenant connectivity and developer requirements and making sure the solution is right first time.”

Tim Pilcher, CEO, Glide Group

The launch of this new product in response to market growth is set to revolutionise SFH developments with an all-in-one solution for residents and SFH developers and managers. Glide’s SFH service integrates its expertise in the industry with its ground-breaking success. The end-to-end solution is comprised of three main focuses: Glide’s fibre infrastructure, a fully managed Wi-Fi and broadband service, and additional features such as landlord services.

The SFH Build to Rent product utilises Glide’s expanding national full-fibre network, and it’s Smart Fibre infrastructure (SFI) provides an effective means to connect a smart development and deliver world-class Wi-Fi to tenants. Unbeatable, futureproof full-fibre broadband, which includes everything from TV and radio to CCTV cameras, can be carried through SFI over space-saving fibre infrastructure.

A managed service to SFH developments over Glide’s infrastructure provides both fixed and wireless broadband services for residents, as well as private LAN services for the building owner and operator. The managed service also offers instant tenant sign-up, upgrade options, 24/7 support, and hardware and software maintenance. The solutions allows a seamless user experience to collectively set a new standard in connectivity for this new emerging asset class.