Gensler appoints new Residential Practice Lead for the living sector

As a recognised leader in the residential sector, the new appointment will be essential as Gensler seeks to redefine living and extend Build to Rent operations in the UK and Europe.

John Badman, Residential Practice Leader, Gensler | BTR News
John Badman, Residential Practice Leader, Gensler.

Architecture firm Gensler has announced the appointment of architect John Badman as its new Residential Practice Leader.

Joining Gensler, John brings over 20 years’ experience in residential design and will drive the growth of the business across Europe. In this new role, he will lead the firm’s Residential Practice in the UK and Europe.

Holding several roles in the architecture field, including most recently as Principal at CallisonRTKL, John is also a member of the Urban Land Institute’s European Living Concepts Council and sits on the British Property Federation’s Build to Rent Committee.

“I am thrilled to be joining Gensler to lead the Residential Practice in the UK and Europe. The lifestyle ecosystem of our cities is being redefined – how we live, work and play is in a constant state of change. Bringing its rich mix of specialists together, Gensler is uniquely placed to offer clients in the Lifestyle Residential Investment market, a new way to approach collaborative design to create value. I look forward to developing this practice at Gensler and continuing to positively influence communities in cities across Europe.”

John Badman, Residential Practice Leader, Gensler

John has extensive expertise in Build to Rent and has been instrumental in developing, designing, and influencing over 20,000 homes in projects over the past 12 years. As a recognised leader in the residential sector, he will be valuable to Gensler as it looks to continue expansion in the Build to Rent sector.

John’s appointment presents a new opportunity for Gensler to develop innovative solutions to creating and sustaining enduring value in the living sector, bringing together the firm’s robust team of specialists including master planners, architects, interior designers, place makers, experience strategists and climate experts.

“We are excited to welcome John Badman to Gensler to lead the growth of our residential business in the UK and Europe. Designing the residential sector of the future requires the adoption of new and innovative approaches including Build to Rent, Co-Living, Senior Living and Student Housing. We are delighted that John Badman brings years of expertise and we look forward to his insight as we continue to influence and redefine the urban experience, integrating the evolving needs of living, work, and entertainment in our cities.”

Duncan Swinhoe, Managing Principal, Gensler

The European market has seen an increased demand and interest in lifestyle residential investment products. As predicted in Gensler’s 2024 Design Forecast, which features eight key trends that will shape the built environment this year, the creation of multi-use lifestyle districts will replace single-use central business districts to create a more vibrant, and connected ecosystem with a mix of uses — from living to entertainment and from retail to restaurants.

John brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to Gensler which will help shape the future lifestyle ecosystem. He is dedicated to imbedding housing as an integrated part of wider multigenerational, mixed-use neighbourhoods.